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Warns about Perry record

August 19, 2011
The Daily Freeman Journal

To the editor

Having lived in Texas for a decade, I thought your readers should know a little more about Gov. Rick Perry now that he's a candidate for president of the United States.

Perry talks about the Texas economic miracle and touts the state's high level of job growth as proof that his business-friendly policies are successful. While it's true that Texas is creating jobs faster than most other states, you should also know that Texas has the highest percentage of minimum- and low-wage jobs in the country.

Perry boasts of low taxes and no state income tax but fails to mention that Texas spends less per student on education than almost any other state, ranks 43rd in high school graduation rates, 45th in SAT scores and 50th in percentage of population with a high school diploma.

Our governor flirted with seceding from the United States over the health care reform bill and now wants to be president of it. You should also know that Texas has the highest percentage of residents without health insurance and ranks fifth from the bottom for children living in poverty.

Think carefully about Perry's record and whether he's the kind of leader this nation needs.


Cibolo, Texas



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