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Volunteers key to fun day success

June 29, 2011
The Daily Freeman Journal

Letter to the editor:

Thank you goes out to all the awesome volunteer parents and friends that came out to help run stations and be walking leaders for our annual Hamilton County Cub Scout Fun Days. We literally could not do this two-day camp without your help and dedication.

Thank you for taking time off work and out of your schedules to help make a difference in our community. These are memories the kids will remember for years to come and you were a part of making it all happen for these approximately 90 boys.

What many people do not know is that there has been a very substantial decrease in funding for our local Scout Troops due to the United Fund committee falling apart. There just were not enough volunteers to keep this going so funding will cease for our Cubs after this year. The Boy Scouts are already feeling the affects as they went from receiving $3,000 per year to just $122. That is huge and such a tragedy for the kids in our community. We've worked so hard to build up a successful program that continues to grow and now the funding is disappearing. I have literally had a mom come up to me and tell me she didn't know what she would do if it wasn't for the Scouting program as it gives her two boys positive male role models and something to look forward to as their home life is very challenged. In our world of single parents, drugs and mixed families, kids need a place to go and be themselves and feel like they're a part of something good. That is what Dave Bergeson, Matt Carver and Ed Bakken are working hard to keep alive in our community. God bless them for their patience, dedication and determination.

I know of multiple people that picked up items for the camp and paid for them out of their own pockets. A very special thank you to each of them. Our annual can drive helped cover a large chunk of camp but not all of it. So next time our local Scouts are out raising money through popcorn, pie sales, the can drive, etc, please remember they're working hard to keep the program alive.

So if you're looking to become more involved in our community and make a difference, please help out our Scouts by considering joining the United Fund committee or by donating directly to the Scouting program. Please contact Dave Bergeson if you would like to help at 297-1039.

Shelly Sjoberg

Webster City



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