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Disagrees with mandatory sump pump inspections, associated costs

June 27, 2011
The Daily Freeman Journal

To the editor:

I was reading the council article in the newspaper recently. I agree completely with Mr. (Matt)?Doolittle. Since the council things they need to come into everyone's house and invade their privacy and charge them for this invasion, then they do need to step down. Codes aside, they are invading people's homes and charging them for it.

What about the Fourth Amendment??Does that only pertain to certain things and people???Can the council look up the Fourth Amendment and read and understand it?

The idea that each household will be charged $27 for this inspection (which only takes a few minutes according to the paper sent to us), is totally asinine.

Oh, I forgot. If you don't have a sump pump, you won't be charged for the inspection. Well, if the pump is vented correctly, why will the homeowner be charged? If there's a law regarding the proper way to install the sump pump then charge the ones that did it wrong. I am sure a lot of people aren't aware of any law regarding such installations.

Is this just a way to get the community to pay a little more on their bills??Also, is it true that if you don't make an appointment for this inspection by a certain time that homeowners will be charged a large amount of money on their light bill monthly until it is done?

I think this is a total invasion of property and it makes a person think they are looking for drugs or something. It is, as I said, totally and absolutely asinine.

Marcia Dayton

Webster City



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