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Supports new dove hunting season

April 6, 2011
The Daily Freeman Journal

To the Editor:

It must have been an April Fool's joke when Mr. Kloppenborg wrote that no one saw the dove law coming.

For many years this bill has been in and out of the floor for a vote. Many years of bleeding hearts finally gave way to the science data that hunting doves does no harm their numbers. With doves hatching three to five nests a year, the only way to control their numbers is through hunting seasons or poisoning. I prefer the hunting. There is less than a one percent difference between the numbers of doves surviving one year with hunting and surviving one year without hunting.

A hunting season being approved does not mean wanton shooting of all the doves one sees. Just as the number of deer tags this fall is going to be reduced to stay in line with the numbers the state wants for survival, the quotas for doves will be adjusted every once in a while to ensure there are doves to hunt for many generations to come. Hooray for the state to get in line with our surrounding states on the dove issue.

Mark Moberly

Webster City



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