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Remember the Chico legacy

March 25, 2011
The Daily Freeman Journal

To the Editor

When our great friend and Webster City supporter Mike "Chico" Williams recently passed away, we were reminded this journey we call life ends for all of us, we don't know when the end is coming, and for some it is too soon. Many of us had seen Mike toss his watch in the air and laugh saying "ever seen time fly?" Now we are reminded it really does. When our journey on this earth ends all we really leave behind is our legacy and Chico left a legacy to emulate.

If you talked to Chico much you picked up on his extreme intelligence balanced with good common sense, yet he never flaunted his intelligence. He had life figured out. He worked hard and at the same time always wanted to enjoy life and have fun.

I don't know that I ever had an interaction with him, serious discussion or just socializing, where I did not see that sly smile at least once. He showed everyone the greatest joy in life comes from sharing, helping others, and making others happy; he often put the needs and wants of others ahead of his own. I am sure many community members in Webster City were on the receiving end of his efforts directly or indirectly. Chico got all he could out of life; even though we prefer he still be with us I believe he lead a "successful life." Many people live much longer than his short 62 years and don't figure these things out.

To me that is the legacy of Chico. All of us who knew him should be proud he allowed us to be a small part of it and help keep his legacy going. How? Let me quote Chico, who liked to pick up a piece of lettuce and say with that Chico smile "lettuce pray." "Lettuce pray" we keep the Chico legacy going by working hard and having fun, exercising modesty, smiling more, and experiencing the joy of helping others and making our communities better.

Thanks Mike for the many Chico moments. The world is a better place because you were a part of it, and now heaven is a better place. We will never forget you.

Mike and Renee


(aka SH and NeeNee)




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