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Disagrees with Iverson’s viewpoint

March 14, 2011
The Daily Freeman Journal

To the Editor:

Regarding Rep. Iverson's Mar. 11 editorial, I disagree with him because I feel he is starting from the wrong side of the equation. The government's expenses dictate what government income has to be. Not the other way around.

The government levies taxes for the good of the community. If we want good roads, we levy a tax. If we want fire protection for our home, there is a tax. If we want good schools or pre school for all of our young people, we can collect a tax. We don't want to waste money but we can collect taxes for things that are important to us.

People with no money don't pay tax. If you are paying taxes, it means that you have money so there is money available. It seems to me that if we choose not to fund a project, it's not because we can't afford it.

As taxpayers, if we're not in favor of funding any particular project, then it's because we're more concerned about keeping our money than we are about getting that project done.

- Noel Singer

Webster City



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