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Pay it Forward Day

December 1, 2010
The Daily Freeman Journal

Everyone has had it happen at one time or another - a random act of kindness. They happen every day, in every community. Someone steps in an helps in an unexpected way.

There is a movement afoot on the Internet to have today recognized as "Pay it Forward" day all across the United States. A California man, David Del Mundo, has started a Facebook campaign to inspire others to commit random acts of kindness. The idea was put forth in the movie "Pay it Forward," released a few years ago. Approximately 237,000 people on Facebook have agreed to take part by sharing a bit of kindness with a complete stranger.

It's not so difficult to do. Acts of kindness can come in many forms both big and small. Buy a cup of coffee for someone; pick up the tab for the next person in line at the gas pump; donate some items to the food pantry; volunteer to deliver meals to shut-ins; or just check in on someone who lives alone. The benefits of such acts are many for both the donor and the recipient, not the least of which is spreading goodwill and joy.

Pay it Forward Day is not about seeking gratitude or accolades for good deeds. It's about helping others, making a difference in Webster City and of course, spreading the kindness on to more people as recipients in turn "pay it forward" to someone else.

Challenge yourself and others to commit random acts of kindness, not just today, but every day.



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