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Eb’s political dilemma

June 29, 2015 The rusty Studebaker pickup parked in front of the lumberyard told me that my dogmatic buddy Ebeneezer Griper was nearby. As I entered the lumberyard office I could hear Eb pontificating on politics. more »»

A friendly face for students

June 29, 2015 Jenny was just another camper that registration day for girls camp. more »»

Help available for PTSD

June 26, 2015 Post Traumatic Stress Disorder is a disorder that can occur after someone goes through, sees or learns about a traumatic event like combat, child sexual or physical abuse, terrorist attack, sexual... more »»

EAB - revisited

June 24, 2015 The Emerald Ash Borer (or EAB), has been a hot topic for at least the last 15 years, since first was discovered in 2002 in Michigan. more »»

Spinners for walleyes right now

June 23, 2015 As the water warms and we get into the heat of summer, most predator fish will be feeding aggressively. Walleyes will be eating whatever they can find. more »»

Summer highlights: Family reunions

June 22, 2015 Some of my favorite summertime activities are family reunions. Admittedly, I really enjoy the potluck meals but the camaraderie with folks who share at least some of my DNA is always a treat for m. more »»

Remembering Mr. Bill

June 22, 2015 “Oh, I remember Mr. Bill!” the store owner told me from behind the counter of his shop in rural Alabama a few years back. “He was a fine man, and he raised his family to know how to work. more »»

Get crafty this summer

June 19, 2015 Last Friday, I found myself wandering the bowels of Menards’ lumber and wood department, searching desperately for an escape route. more »»

Testing the empty nest syndrome

June 19, 2015 I had a small glimpse of what my future will be this week. I had a chance to experience what the empty nest syndrome may be like. My teenage son headed off to camp last Sunday. more »»

Don’t go up in smoke - test your alarms

June 17, 2015 Jam of the Week: “Not Going Home” by Great Good Fine Ok In talking with Webster City Fire Chief John Conyn about the fire that happened on Wood Street yesterday, he mentioned that there weren’t an... more »»

Catch more fish all summer long

June 16, 2015 It’s starting to feel a lot like summer. more »»

Rain – go away

June 16, 2015 It’s raining, it’s pouring; what else is new? In recent weeks, many regions of Iowa have been deluged with an excess amount of rainfall this year. more »»

A study of Iowa pronunciations

June 15, 2015 Nevada. Is it Nuh-VAY-duh or Nuh-VAD-uh? Well, it depends upon whether you’re in Iowa or out west. Just as the difference between MAD-rid or Muh-DRID depends upon whether you’re in Iowa or in Spain. more »»

Carrying on the traditions

June 15, 2015 Tradition is an important facet of our little towns. It’s part of what makes us, us, why we call it home, why we come back for a visit every now and then if we’ve left. more »»

Celebrate Flag Day and honor a veteran

June 12, 2015 June 14, marks National Flag Day. I hope all Iowans will take a moment on Sunday to think about the American Flag, what it stands for and what it truly means to be an American. more »»

Iowa’s roses

June 10, 2015 It is the season for flowers and the rainbow of colors they provide on the green landscape. One-hundred eighteen years ago Rosa pratincola (wild prairie rose) became Iowa’s Flower. more »»

Weddings and weeding

June 9, 2015 Growing flowers for a wedding? Sounds like a lovely idea. Nothing beats real flowers for a wedding and locally grown flowers can add that special touch to a wedding. more »»

Clear line for clear water? Maybe not

June 9, 2015 The line that we put on our reels when we go fishing is a very important consideration. Your line is the only connection between you and the fish. more »»

Third grade … the second time around

June 8, 2015 Third grade was a long time ago. My third grade experience was during the 1956-57 school year. Third grade was a good year, I recall. I had two teachers that year. more »»

Auctions of a different sort

June 8, 2015 For about 10 years when I was freelancing full-time, I did regular assignment work for The Auctioneer magazine, a magazine for members of the National Auctioneer Association. more »»



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