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Getting into the holiday spirit

December 9, 2015 If you have traveled around Hamilton County in the past week or so, you have likely seen all of the colorful holiday displays. more »»

Holiday hints

December 8, 2015 With Christmas just around the corner, if you are like me, your mind is not on gardening this month. more »»

Jensen offers ice-fishing reminders

December 8, 2015 On early ice, it’s very important to keep quiet, and also to keep movement to a minimum. Early ice will be thin, it will be clear, and there probably won’t be much snow on it. more »»

Enjoy winter

December 7, 2015 Already I am growing weary of hearing the phrase, “I hate winter.” Especially since we are in a balmy early December where we haven’t even hardly got started into this winter yet. more »»

If you can’t feed a hundred people

December 7, 2015 One of the highlights of my week is a 6 a.m. men’s Bible study at my church. I have long been an early riser so the early hour doesn’t bother me. more »»

It’s all about perspective

December 4, 2015 This past week was stressful. Frankly, I started off the week on a bad note. more »»

College protestors: Welcome to the real world

December 2, 2015 Another Thanksgiving has come and gone. Hope yours was happy and peaceful. more »»

Treasured books on the shelf

December 2, 2015 I know there are plenty of people who prize just about every book they’ve ever owned , as if they are all friends. more »»

A history of holiday plants

December 1, 2015 When one thinks of holiday plants, the poinsettia is the first that comes to mind. more »»

Let Pharmacies Prescribe Birth Control

November 30, 2015 Back in 1933, Rep. Walter Pierce of Oregon introduced a bill in Congress to let doctors discuss birth control with their patients. The need for such a bill showed how controversial the subject was. more »»

A life of never ending questions

November 30, 2015 I have no biological grandchildren but I inherited some sweet ones when I remarried last year. There were two when Julie and I married and now there are four. more »»

Which party will emerge from its gathering storm?

November 25, 2015 Each of our two political parties, ancient by world standards, seems to be facing a gathering stor. more »»

Sharing a kindness and paying it forward

November 25, 2015 One thing I’ve never doubted about Webster City is that it is filled with very caring, generous people. That fact is evident every time there is a fund drive for a worthy caus. more »»

First ice panfish

November 24, 2015 The weather is getting colder which means ice-fishing is getting closer every da. more »»

Produce storage —?1900’s style

November 24, 2015 This holiday season, we all look forward to enjoying the traditional side dishes expected to be served at our family feast. more »»

It’s national game and puzzle week

November 23, 2015 So I see we are now celebrating National Game and Puzzle Week. It could be you’re like me and didn’t realize that was going on, but I like the idea mysel. more »»

The lost art of complaining

November 23, 2015 While we Americans enjoy complaining ? about the weather, taxes, politics and most anything else ? I fear we have lost the “art” of complaining. more »»

Embrace the upcoming snow

November 20, 2015 It’s that time of year again. Little white flecks of precipitation will soon start coming down from the sky. I like snow in most every for. more »»

What shopping local means and how to do it

November 18, 2015 Did you know the average American spends $700 annually on holiday shopping? There are 5,136 adults in Webster City between the ages of 20 and 84. more »»

Gardening gratitude

November 17, 2015 As November is the month of giving thanks, it seems appropriate to reflect back on those we are thankful for who garden. more »»



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