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He’s a schmoozer, not a fighter

September 22, 2014 My brothers and I fought a lot when we were kids but by the time I got to high school I had sworn off fighting. Meanwhile, my smart aleck attitude got me into a few tussles. more »»

A strange way to start the day

September 22, 2014 It’s awfully quiet, I decided, when the electricity is off. Oh, of course, it’s dark, too, at night when there’s no electricity, and that’s a bit unnerving. more »»

Keeping up with TV and technology

September 19, 2014 It’s fall — well nearly. And along with the cooler temperatures, the changing color of the leaves and the shorter days, it means that the long-awaited new television season has returned. more »»

Cool weather, hot chili

September 19, 2014 Jam of the Week: “Feel It All Around” by Washed Out Autumn is quickly falling upon us again. more »»

Green tomatoes — fried or frozen

September 16, 2014 Most folks still have an abundance of green tomatoes in the garden, as the weather this year has not helped out the ripening proces. more »»

Shallow water for largemouth in the fall

September 16, 2014 When I moved to north central Minnesota way to many years ago, I liked to chase largemouth bass. more »»

On the road again

September 16, 2014 Because I live less than half a mile from my place of work, my daily commute is around two minutes long. more »»

Whatever happened to ...

September 16, 2014 What happened to: Pride; holding the door open for others; dignity; commitment to community and country; civility; airline travel that was fun and exciting; manners; respect for elders and others... more »»

A father’s love of the Bible

September 15, 2014 Last month I posted on Facebook a photo of my father along with a note that it had been 22 years since Dad passed away. One of my nephews responded to that Facebook post with a memory. more »»

The middle of somewhere

September 15, 2014 I’ve noticed the phrase “in the middle of nowhere” cropping up a lot lately. And it makes me wonder just where nowhere i. more »»

Putting petty things in perspective

September 12, 2014 There are times when you realize they weren't kidding about that whole "for better, for worse, in sickness and in sickness and in health" thing. I've been going through that myself lately. more »»

A great honor for local veterans

September 10, 2014 Jam of the Week: “Springful” by Adult Jazz I’m among many people in Webster City who are thoroughly exhausted this wee. more »»

Casinos just aren’t the answer

September 10, 2014 The video for the Bruce Springsteen song "Atlantic City" opens with a scene of the grand Marlborough-Blenheim Hotel imploding into a pile of dust. That was almost 40 years ago. more »»

Bringing plants indoors

September 9, 2014 Did your plants spend a vacation out of doors this summer? Now is the time to begin planning for their safe return into your home. more »»

Night-bite walleyes

September 9, 2014 If you want to catch a big walleye, fall is a time when your odds of doing so are probably the best. more »»

Eb’s ideas of a fun time

September 8, 2014 It was mid-morning and I had a craving for some coffee and a donut. The local coffee shop was close by so I headed in that direction. more »»

Enjoying the beauty and bounty

September 8, 2014 My garden has turned on me. more »»

Don’t complain, find a solution

September 5, 2014 I received an interesting challenge this week. I don't have to dump ice over my head or jump into a frosty lake. more »»

Arvid in Agriculture Wonderland

September 3, 2014 As a teenager in rural Iowa I earned money each summer working for area farmers. The last year I worked on a farm was 1965. more »»

A little grammar, punctuation humor

September 3, 2014 When you live in a middle school world part of the time —like I do —it doesn’t take long to understand that t-shirts have become billboards. more »»



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