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Website woes

October 30, 2013 Jam of the week: “In Haze” by iceage For the past month, the recently opened healthcare website launched as open-enrollment begins for insurance with Obamacare has been marred with glitches. more »»

Bird-watching myths

October 29, 2013 I've touched bases a time or two on this subject over the years, but just in case you didn't grab the brass ring the first time it went by, I'll jog your memory again. more »»

Measuring the years

October 27, 2013 As an ambitious young advertising salesman in Sioux City I had tenaciously but unsuccessfully been calling on a particular merchant for several months. more »»

Halloween from a distance

October 27, 2013 One good thing about being an empty nester is that Halloween can now be enjoyed from more of a distance than it was formerly. more »»

Hiding the Halloween candy

October 25, 2013 Halloween is kind of a fun holiday. I love seeing the area children all decked out in their creative costumes. more »»

Witches, goblins and ghosts — oh my

October 25, 2013 In the field across the road, the corn stalks are flattened and tattered. The gorgeous trees across the street are dressed in leaves of scarlet, and out yard is adrift in golden leaves. more »»

The beauty of a Sunday drive in fall

October 23, 2013 So I went for a drive on Sunday afternoon to better see and appreciate the glorious fall colors that are showing off their best about now. more »»

Changing colors may be due in part to stress

October 22, 2013 Leaves are starting to change, and it might be stress. We've been down this road before, you and me. We're starting to see some color in the trees. more »»

The discovery of Trick or Treat

October 21, 2013 When a 5-year-old boy moves from the farm into town, albeit a small farm town, he learns a lot of new things. Things like if you go to the drug store with the owner’s kid you can get a free soda. more »»

Heroes and bullies

October 18, 2013 My heart has been heavy this week. It's been a disturbing week for news about teens. more »»

Unusual finds in KYL DVD collection

October 18, 2013 While it is an established fact that Kendall Young Library has books (over 50,000 in fact), you may not realize that we also have a substantial DVD section. more »»

The frightening films of Halloween

October 16, 2013 Jam of the week: “Crips” by Ratatat Holidays are always great occasions for something. more »»

Bitter, cruel and, in some cases, profane

October 14, 2013 What is becoming of us? Some Americans can no longer participate in a debate without becoming red hot irate and, in some cases, profane. more »»

Old skills, new conveniences

October 14, 2013 First I put the set together backwards, the next time I forgot half of it, but finally on the third try it was assembled properly and I got the result I wanted. more »»

Out of touch

October 9, 2013 Jam of the week: “Vasoline” by Stone Temple Pilots For the better part of the last two weeks, I’ve accidentally slipped through a portal to the distant past. Or at least it seems like it. more »»

Squirrel hunts are golden

October 8, 2013 Speaking personally, there are many uses for outdoor October, and I savor them all. I could drink that ale-golden month to its dregs and never touch a gun. more »»

Kids still say the darnedest things

October 7, 2013 Years ago one of the bright spots of daytime television was Art Linkletter’s House Party. more »»

Remembering 4-H

October 7, 2013 The advertisements and signs and posters I saw last week in honor of National 4H Week made it easy for me to remember my years as a 4Her. I was a Marion Merry Maiden, to be exact. more »»

Television when it’s convenient

October 4, 2013 The DVR player gets a real workout at our house. It seems I never watch television programs when they are actually on live. more »»

September was busy in WC

October 4, 2013 September came to us with RV TV and Webster City responded with a resounding "You Betcha!" There were more than 2,200 people that came downtown Sept. 11 and just had a plain, old fashioned good time. more »»



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