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It's over … now can we talk about it?

January 20, 2015 The 2014-2015 pheasant season has come and gone. Let's talk about it. Not since 1962 have we been able to brag about a pheasant season like this last one. The forecast was righ. more »»

A recent ice-fishing trip

January 20, 2015 just got back from an ice-fishing trip to Big Stone Lake. more »»

Does God have a sense of humor?

January 19, 2015 Years ago I considered writing a book about funny things that happen in church. “A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to Heaven” would make a good title, I thought. more »»

New year, new goals

January 19, 2015 Now that we are past halfway into the first month of this new year, like the editor I wonder how you’re doing with your resolutions for 2015. Maybe you’re like me and don’t make any resolution. more »»

A humanities resolution challenge

January 16, 2015 How goes the New Year's resolutions? Did you make any? A lot of people didn't or have already let them fall by the wayside. There was a great post on Facebook earlier this week. more »»

Finding the fun in winter

January 16, 2015 The other day I was asked the question: “As a brand-new Iowan, what do you think about Iowa winters?” My response: “Well, now I know why you all are so amazingly resilien. more »»

A history of chocolate

January 13, 2015 As I was recently invited to judge the Festival of Chocolate, Kendall Young Library’s annual fundraiser, I thought I would share some information on chocolate with readers. more »»

Want more fish? Keep moving

January 13, 2015 As we get farther into the ice-fishing season, it becomes important that we vary our methods for catching fish a little bit. more »»

'Where did my birds go?'

January 13, 2015 You might say that I'm here to make a case for winter. Not so. I don't like winter — never did. The snow I don't mind. But the cold and wind I don't like. more »»

Old man blizzard bragging

January 12, 2015 When old guys get together they like to brag about the tough winters they have endured. My father always talked about the terrible winter of 1935-36. more »»

The warmth of a fireplace

January 12, 2015 I wonder why it is that a wood fire burning in the fireplace makes one lazy, especially if it’s really cold, snowy and windy outside. more »»

Turning the corner

January 9, 2015 As 2014 closes out, it appears Webster City has finally turned the economic corner. more »»

Vigilant guardians of the backyard

January 9, 2015 Just about everywhere I’ve visited in the past week, someone has asked, “Is it cold enough for you?” My sarcastic little inner voice has one answer, but I generally offer a cheerful acknowledgement... more »»

Seed catalogs are arriving

January 6, 2015 New Year’s arrival brings many new plant and seed offerings from nursery and greenhouse plant breeders. Many of these new plants can be found listed among the pages of garden seed catalog. more »»

Keep warm on the ice

January 6, 2015 It got cold again! That’s good and that’s bad. It’s good, because the ice is getting thicker and safer across most of the ice-fishing regio. more »»

All about retirement

January 5, 2015 It was one year ago this month that I retired after a working full time for more than 46 years. Before then I was tired; now I’m retire. more »»

Out on the prairie

January 5, 2015 I’ve had to do some reading during my holiday break. In my regular, daily life, I don’t always get to do that. more »»

Jensen takes a fishing look forward

December 30, 2014 About this time in years past, I’ve done a look back: Kind of a review of things pertaining to fishing that happened in the past fishing seaso. more »»

On the air in Iowa

December 29, 2014 Since moving back to my home county several months ago I drive by my first place of fulltime employment frequently. more »»

A Christmas candy custom

December 29, 2014 One evening recently I got to assist with a holiday project, an annual mini-event that we just can’t quite let die. more »»



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