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Sharing a kindness and paying it forward

November 25, 2015 One thing I’ve never doubted about Webster City is that it is filled with very caring, generous people. That fact is evident every time there is a fund drive for a worthy caus. more »»

First ice panfish

November 24, 2015 The weather is getting colder which means ice-fishing is getting closer every da. more »»

Produce storage —?1900’s style

November 24, 2015 This holiday season, we all look forward to enjoying the traditional side dishes expected to be served at our family feast. more »»

It’s national game and puzzle week

November 23, 2015 So I see we are now celebrating National Game and Puzzle Week. It could be you’re like me and didn’t realize that was going on, but I like the idea mysel. more »»

The lost art of complaining

November 23, 2015 While we Americans enjoy complaining ? about the weather, taxes, politics and most anything else ? I fear we have lost the “art” of complaining. more »»

Embrace the upcoming snow

November 20, 2015 It’s that time of year again. Little white flecks of precipitation will soon start coming down from the sky. I like snow in most every for. more »»

What shopping local means and how to do it

November 18, 2015 Did you know the average American spends $700 annually on holiday shopping? There are 5,136 adults in Webster City between the ages of 20 and 84. more »»

Gardening gratitude

November 17, 2015 As November is the month of giving thanks, it seems appropriate to reflect back on those we are thankful for who garden. more »»

Getting ready for ice fishing

November 17, 2015 I haven’t given up hope for a couple more open water fishing trips in the next week or two, but I know that I need to start getting ready to go ice-fishing. more »»

Small towns are no rarity in Iowa

November 16, 2015 Now, I understand how blessed we are to know about severe weather before it hits. more »»

Dank—an attitude of gratitude

November 16, 2015 My maternal grandfather, Opa Gelder, was a teenager when he came to the United States from East Friesland in northwestern Germany. more »»

Why I’m thankful this year

November 13, 2015 Do you ever have those days when you wake up with a smile on your face? As Thanksgiving fast approaches, I’ve spent quite a bit of time lately thinking about the many things I am thankful for this... more »»

Thank you, veterans

November 13, 2015 When Veterans Day rolls around each year, those who have served our country are thanked for their sacrifice, time and bravery. more »»

Memorable fishing trips

November 10, 2015 Open water season in my part of the world is winding down. There might be a couple more trips in the boat, but I’m getting the ice-fishing stuff ready to go. more »»

Overfeeding houseplants

November 10, 2015 Most of you have heard the age old adage before – do not fertilize your houseplants during late fall and winter. more »»

Thank a veteran

November 9, 2015 “You couldn’t pay me enough to live those years over again,” he told me, “but I wouldn’t take a million dollars for those experiences, either. more »»

The Proustian phenomenon and aromatic memories

November 9, 2015 Have you ever smelled something that brought back a long ago memory? If so, you have experienced the “Proustian phenomenon. more »»

Reflecting on the city’s growth

November 6, 2015 My congratulations to Brian Miller and Jim Talbot on their election to City Council. I would also thank by soul-mate, Loween, for her continuing support during three election. more »»

‘I think your pants on are wrong’

November 6, 2015 Children are our future. Our influences on kids as parents, teachers, and society have the potential to positively impact them as they grow and lear. more »»

Procrastinators: Poor planners or overworked?

November 4, 2015 I came upon this article on procrastination and saved it for "later reading." Ha-ha-ha. Procrastination jokes are one of the best ways of putting off work. more »»



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