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Urban myths and other lies

July 27, 2015 Some 30 years ago a frightening rumor made the rounds in Sioux City. According to the rumor a child had been abducted from a restroom in what was then a new shopping mall in Sioux City. more »»

Two wheels on the ground

July 27, 2015 I caught a piece on the national news last week that a bicycle club in New York City held a clinic to teach adults how to ride a bike. more »»

A bug in the chapel

July 24, 2015 Last Saturday I had my first official bridesmaid experience. I donned a surprisingly beautiful dress that would have made Katherine Heigl green with envy. more »»

More scenes from the Hamilton County Fair

July 24, 2015 More scenes from the Hamilton County Fair... more »»

Summer fishing suggestions

July 21, 2015 Across North America, we’re in the dead middle of summer. Fishing can be good, or it can be tough. If it’s tough though, it generally doesn’t need to be. more »»

Dividing perennials

July 21, 2015 You may know the old adage, “If a plant blooms in the spring or summer, divide in the fall; if it blooms in the fall, divide it in the spring. more »»

An evening to celebrate

July 20, 2015 Nearly every one of the 2,700 seats in the Des Moines Civic Center was occupied. There were at least three females for every male in the theate. more »»

Iowa — corn, not potatoes

July 20, 2015 So Iowa is the most American state in the nation. I don’t know who measures that or what the yardstick for Americanism is, but I have to admit that it has a nice ring to it. We can be proud of i. more »»

The adventure begins

July 17, 2015 Adventure, to me, makes extra out of the ordinary. Growing up I found adventure everywhere. In the pages of Pride and Prejudice, traveling around the U.S. more »»

Reading for RAGBRAI

July 17, 2015 It’s that time of year when Iowa gears up for the thousands of riders who will be crossing the state in our famous biking tradition - RAGBRAI. more »»

Step into the garden

July 15, 2015 Got garden toes? Gardeners who work in the garden barefoot or wearing thongs, oops – I should say “flip-flops”, will often have a problem with soil-stained feet and toenails. more »»

Putting on a fresh coat of paint

July 15, 2015 If there’s anything that makes more of an improvement for less cost and a minimum of effort than a gallon of paint, I sure don’t know what it is. more »»

Working the weedline

July 14, 2015 It’s summer. Lots of people are fishing, and lots of fish want to get caught. In the summer months, there are so many ways to catch fish. more »»

Take your choice: chucklehead or ninnyhammer

July 13, 2015 If you had one or more siblings during your childhood, you probably had a list of terms of derision ready for firing when needed. I’m the oldest of six kids. more »»

That’s such a cliche

July 10, 2015 “I can’t see the forest for the trees,” I muttered to myself, in the midst of trimming a tree, my current yard project. more »»

Grandma knows best

July 10, 2015 Years ago while I was visiting a friend, her grandchildren stopped by the house. The grandkids obviously idolized their grandmother. more »»

How old would you be?

July 6, 2015 As you grow older you discover that life’s journey has some mountain tops but it also has some deep, dark valleys. Don’t misunderstand; I’m not complaining about growing old. more »»

Gardening for health

July 6, 2015 Perhaps you are already aware of the advantages for growing your own garden produce. Locally grown fruits and vegetables are fresher and taste better. more »»

Trollin', trollin', trollin'

July 6, 2015 If you go fishing in the summer and want to catch fish, trolling is a great way to do so. Following are some ideas for more effective and productive trolling. more »»



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