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My gal cat pal Suki

September 17, 2012 - Carrie Olson
She ignored me.

My best friend for the past three years had taken it upon herself to act coolly in my presence. It was pretty disheartening. Suki came into the room, I exclaimed, “Hello!” After giving me a long, hard look, she scooted across the floor until her white butt had done a 180, facing in the opposite direction.

Explanation: Suki is of the feline species. A four-year-old white tabby cat with large blue eyes … her looks could kill. Well, me, anyway.

In all selfishness, I had hoped that someone would really miss me back home. Well, that is wishful thinking. I mean I have experienced a warm welcome back, but everyone has their own lives and busy schedules here. Except for Suki. Her schedule consists of sleeping, eating, relieving herself, and playing. Oh, and begging and pouting. Don’t let me forget that portion of her distinguished day.

So as she sat on the floor with her back to me, not moving, I felt pretty awful. I had abandoned my best friend, and she felt betrayed.

In the last few years, I have held two jobs that had taken up most of my time. During that period, I was applying to schools, working on writing projects, or traveling to see my boyfriend in another state. In other words, the rest of my time was spent sleeping or lounging around my parents’ house. People asked me to go out to the bars on a weekend. There were opportunities to mingle and be social. Instead, I opted to hang out with my true blue friend Suki. We’d play ball, hang out in the backyard, or get combed (I mean, she did). Most of the time, she would sit on a nubby blanket on my bed while I read or watched a movie. Late at night, she would sneak in for a snuggle, crawling underneath the blankets. (Never during daylight hours, Suki never liked to be caught giving affection. Not her thing.)

She knew I was leaving a couple weeks before the big move. Boxes packed, she would sit in one of my suitcases with her blank expression. The day prior, she spent the entire time shutting me out, pouting. It hurt.

I can admit that I have missed her dearly. I hate not having a fluffy, furry animal to pet when I’m stressed — something to take care of and depend on me. To appease my need, I have kind of adopted a homeless black cat named Finn. I even bought him a food dish, cat treats and food. And although I know he only comes up to my stoop for his daily nourishment, it gives me a sense of my time with Suki.

I’ve been home for a few days now, and she is starting to warm up to me. Letting me pet her and even staying on my bed for a period of time. I’m sad to leave her again tomorrow, making her more confused with my coming and going presence. And even though it may make me a cat lady, for my best girlfriend to be a cat, so be it. I’ve missed my friend and she has missed me.

She has also offered me tokens of affection to bring back east. For her ever-shedding white coat covers everything I own, and no amounts of lint roller brushes can ever compete with it. That’s okay, whenever I pick off a piece of her hair from a sweater or blanket, I just smile. I love that dang cat.


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