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You asked for it, you got it: the Tiger Woods blog

December 23, 2009 - Troy Banning

The cheer goes something like this: Everywhere we go, people want to know...who we are, so we tell them...

            I’ve had that anthem droning through my head recently, only my rendition goes something like this: Everywhere I go, people want to know...what I think, of the man called Tiger...

            It seems like I can’t go anywhere these days without people wanting to talk about Tiger Woods. He’s the devil. He’s this, he’s that. I’ve even had e-mails requesting a blog on the subject, and I aim to please the public.

            But I warn may not like what I have to say.

            Tiger Woods the man will never be looked at the same again. When he’s 80 years old and asked to be the honorary starter at the Masters, someone will inevitably bring up this disastrous time in his life and career. Once a cheat, always a cheat - isn’t that how it goes?

            But Tiger Woods the golfer won’t miss a beat. The 320-yard drives aren’t suddenly going to turn into 200-yard duck hooks just because he got caught with his hand in the cookie jar. His silky-smooth iron play and the greatest putting stroke in the history of the game won’t go into hiding even if his soon to be ex-wife, the ridiculously gorgeous and disgraced Elin Nordegren, is.

            And, really, isn’t that what matters most to Tiger?

            Woods has always come across as a guy that puts golf first, second and third on his list of priorities, and even though making appearances at Las Vegan night clubs seems to be climbing the chart, I would guess that the game and his assault on the record book will continue to be the focus.

            Now think about this: He’s won 14 majors and 71 tournaments worldwide while juggling a wife and a dozen or so mistresses. Now imagine what will happen if and when he concentrates just on golf.

            As for those companies that have opted to cut ties with Tiger, I say the only people that have pushed the panic button are his versions of E, Ari and Shauna (if you watch Entourage, then you know I’m talking about his manager, his agent and his publicist). Tiger has already made hundreds of millions of dollars, and Forbes anointed him the first billion-dollar athlete. Do you really think Tiger is worried about losing some pocket change (to him, not me) from Tag Heuer? Doubtful.

            Nike is the sponsor that butters Tiger’s bread and it would take an O.J.-like episode for it to leave the golfer’s side. Heck, Tiger could probably cuddle with one of his many waitresses on the 16th green at Bethpage Black and Nike wouldn’t even bat an eye.

And when Tiger returns to the PGA Tour (there’s no way he’ll miss the 2010 Masters, let alone the entire year as some “analysts” have predicted) and wins his 15th major, the rest will flock to his front door once again.

            In other words, Tiger the phenomenon on the links will continue, and probably before he is forced to spend Father’s Day all alone in June.

            Still, I won’t cheer for him. It’s not like I was a huge Tiger Woods fan before this train wreck began, but I always respected his talent and what appeared to be his devotion to his family. Now I have no respect for him, regardless of what happens from tee to green. I may even have to cheer for...yikes!...the likes of Angel Cabrera or Sergio Garcia if they’re ever in the final group on Sunday with the man in red.

            What about you? Will you be returning your Tiger Woods Fan Club membership card?


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