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A Month To Go

September 23, 2013 - Carrie Olson
Down to the wire. With only a month until the big celebration, Nate and I finally realized that, “Oh yeah, we should probably get some stuff done.” For our part, that included finalizing the guest list, reserving a hotel room, and making wedding registries at various stores. The last item was daunting, as we have such a tiny apartment (bigger than most in this area, I like to boast!) and closets that are already full of stuff. If I lived in a house or a place with more space, I’d go crazy over kitchen gadgets and Fiestaware. The other problem is we don’t know where we are going to be in a year. Maybe we will stay here for a while, head back to the Midwest, or to a PhD program for Nate. Who knows? So I keep picturing those beautiful dishes just falling and breaking in a moving truck … I’ve had nightmares. Luckily, my aunts are throwing me a gift card shower – I think if those fell in a truck, they’d be fine.

This weekend was filled with more wedding planning – lining up musicians, readings, etc. – by the time we were finished with that task, we were exuberant. “Let’s keep going!” we exclaimed. So we headed over to Macy’s to find a suit for Nate. Oh, and a belt, shoes, shirt, and ties for the whole guys’ section of the wedding party. Armed with a 20 percent WOW Savings Pass, I knew it would be a good day. Four hours later, seriously, I was spent. I had no idea spending that much time in the men’s department would be so exhausting. In between watching some nature show on a T.V. near the dressing room and being surrounded by so many different collared shirts and ties, Nate would come out in his attire to me saying, “No,” “Definitely no,” “Should you add cowboy neck attire to that shirt? C’mon!” I am really bossy when it comes to clothing. Hey, if you ever need someone to tell you the truth when clothes shopping, I’m your girl, I don’t pussyfoot on that issue. By the time we went to the checkout, I was done. “I just want to go home.” No free candle at Bath And Body Works. No checking out the sales at Sephora, I just wanted to go. Shocking. I had no idea (well, some idea) what we had in our happy Macy’s bags, all I knew is that I wanted a cold Coke and some nachos.

So while catching up with one of my bridesmaids on the phone, Nate decided to try on all of his new gear. “What do you think?” he asked. I turned around and was completely shocked. In all the chaos of sales, I had no idea the ensemble would turn out as well as it did. Nate’s a suit guy, and I hope in the future he will have more reasons to wear them. It looked perfect. He looked perfect. “You are going to show me up,” I said. “And I’m the bride.” Although I’m marrying Nate for more than his looks, in that instant I was almost giddy thinking about this good-looking guy standing by my side. It definitely brought a smile to my face.

Well, the planning is definitely not over on our end. This includes informing the guys of what they are wearing, picking out our engagement photos, and ordering wedding bands.

And how is this whole planning situation/coordination going from two separate time zones? That’s another column altogether.


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