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Wedding Blog No. 4: Shoes

July 8, 2013 - Carrie Olson
I only saw three of my blog posts devoted to wedding stuff, so I hope this is No. 4. If not, eh.

It’s been a busy few weeks and it seriously just struck me that I’m getting married in four short months. Four. And while my mom is doing a lot (most, okay all) of the work back home, I’m realizing I’ve got to get it in gear.

One of the questions that has been tossed out time and time again, even before we even got engaged was “Where will we hold the event?” We are in the New York City metropolitan area. This is where we live, spend our free time – this is kind of it for right now. And a lot of people haven’t been here from Iowa before, so yeah. That was an idea. Although it could be quite fun and unique, it would also make it so that a lot of the guests we would want to be a part of our day wouldn’t be able to come. So that was vetoed.

Then we thought about street food for our Iowa wedding. Hot dogs, pretzels, cotton candy – the works. Bring in a couple street carts, make it kind of a “NYC in Iowa” themed affair. It would be cheesy but fun. Well, we got a really nice venue and just thought that wasn't appropriate anymore.

So what are we bringing from NYC home? Well besides a suit for Nate, I’m bringing shoes. Oh, no, not for everybody – just me. If you have read anything else on my blog, you may know that I have a thing for clothes, shoes, makeup – that whole bag. And the one thing that is missing from my wardrobe is a nice pair of heels. Okay, I do have a few good sling backs, pumps and wedges. This is true. But I’m talking about Jimmy Choos. Manolo Blahniks. Louboutins. Those kinds of “nice” shoes. I’m sure a few eye rolls are happening right now. That’s okay. I may never have a reason again in my life to buy exorbitantly expensive shoes, so I might as well live and buy them now. In some ways, to me, the shoes are more important dress. Not a joke.

A few of you may be going, “But some of those shoes are $1,300. You could go on a trip, save that, or pay rent.” Don’t worry, I’m not stupid. I’m not Carrie Bradshaw in Sex In The City who must decide between buying a pair of the designer hooves or paying her monthly rent. I could never afford that price, not at this time at my life. And if I ever made enough money to buy shoes like that, I wouldn’t. It just doesn’t make sense to me. I wasn’t brought up to throw down THAT much money on shoes. So I’m currently being welcomed into the world of high-end consignment boutiques.

I have become slowly aware of second-hand shops in the city that fit my tastes – like Buffalo Exchange. But for something like this, it has to be Second Time Around. There was a reality show on BRAVO that ran a couple seasons about the shop. Women with a lot of disposable income bring in their worn-once gowns and purses, to get a portion of what they spent back. It’s absolutely crazy. And wonderful. There are a number of these stores peppered throughout NYC and a few other eastern states. And while some people might run in there like a kid in a candy store, I’m still pretty hesitant.

I stepped into five of these shops this past Saturday in the muggy 95 degree heat, and I felt completely out of my element. Sure, it's second-hand, but when the racks are filled with Nanette Lapore and Prada, yeah, I'm definitely not in my comfort zone anymore. I didn’t see many items that were listed below $100. I had to be careful. One, I don’t have a lot of cash at the moment. And I didn’t want to ruin anything with my sweaty, grubby hands.

This trip I came away empty handed, but it was more of a learning experience. I found out I could buy a pair of the beloved heels from a price point of $100 to $400. That was exciting, a bit more in my range. I also tried on a few pairs, realized what my size was and that they post new products on Facebook and online, so that I didn’t have to spend the rest of my waking life scouring these stores for the perfect shoes.

Will I end up getting some designer shoes for the big day? Stay tuned. But, know this: When it comes to consignment shopping, closeout sales, and Black Friday madness - I've got a doctorate in discounts. And I am fierce when it comes to competition stepping in and trying to get my deal. So, I have faith :)

In the end, I would love to score a pair and wear them with my shortened wedding dress. But who knows, DSW always likes to call my name.


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