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Snowed In

February 17, 2014 - Carrie Olson
Shocker. Although I live in a different locale, I’m doing absolutely the same thing as everyone else in the Midwest: Nothing.

If I lived some place that was a bit more tropical, it might be different, but no. I live in freezing cold New York City, and even if the temps still hover twenty degrees above Iowa’s outstanding weather, it’s still a bit too much. Especially when my two feet are my basic mode of transportation.

We have been getting piles upon piles of snow, and although it has warmed up a tad bit in recent days, it has frozen tidily back up into ice. And although I supposedly live and work in the greatest city in the world, we have barely seen in it in the past couple months.

Oh sure, I venture into and back out of the lower financial district every weekday, but I scurry back to my teeny tiny apartment as soon as 6 p.m. hits the clock. It’s too cold. It’s too slick. It’s too, blech.

And when we get through all of our chores in our basement-level home or have a weekend day to ourselves, we go through a checklist of all the activities that NYC has to offer. One by one, either both or one of us veto each and every idea. Go to a museum? For $20 for a ticket? And what, walk through all this ice and risk our lives for a to wander around and look at art? No, thank you. A movie? At $14 a ticket? Do you really want to wait for the light rail and sit with all those people in a crowded room? No way. Walk around the park? You are joking, right? Seriously, that was a joke, right?

So far, if we do go out, it’s been in a very small radius. The corner bar that’s a down the block. The coffee shop around the corner. The little grocery store that costs an arm and a leg, but again, is right there.

The only two places that have been ventured to with just a little gumption are the mall and the large supermarket. We both have gotten a little stir crazy as of late, so wandering the mall has become a pastime. We don’t buy anything, just look around and eventually get bored and trudge cautiously back. On Saturday, I was so proud of myself because we had run low on grocery supplies, so I decided to wake up early and head to the store.

Not the arm and a leg store. Seriously. You wouldn't believe the prices there if I told you. No, Shoprite in Jersey City. It is not the same as heading to your local HyVee or Fareway. The prices are steeper, the produce and meat products are iffy at best, and if you want help – you better call a lifeline. Also, you will spend at least 20 minutes waiting in line. That’s a given. But I've gotten used to all that. My problem is the fact that a lot of people don’t shovel their walks, the city has run out of salt and walking is basically asking for a disaster to happen around here. So I got there early, beat the biggest of the crowds, piled a bunch of stuff into my little blue cart and tried my best to maneuver back home. After a lot of sweating, a couple near falls, I ended up pushing my little cart into our apartment. It felt like I had won a race and that I deserved a medal. And after all of that – did I feel ambition to do anymore? No. Instead, I watched Steel Magnolias on TV twice, back to back.

Valentine’s Day evening was spent watching Netflix and eating through a giant Papa John’s pizza. Very romantic.

And honestly, it's not all bad. I enjoy being a couch potato more than a lot of people. I just want to assure you Iowans that others are in the same boat and unable to put those exercise moves to work besides pace the room. Hopefully, just hopefully, we'll catch a break some day soon.


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