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Looking Back At High School

January 20, 2014 - Carrie Olson
More than 10 years have passed since my high school graduation, and yet, when I look back on certain memories, it doesn’t seem long ago that we threw those graduation caps in the air. If I think really hard about the experience as a whole, it was a pretty positive time period. I enjoyed school, had a lot of really fun, great friends, and had a lot of learning experiences. Yeah, I had this desire for something more, to leave and become something big, but don’t we all? And then there was this small part of me that was dreading leaving those high school hallways. I succeeded on this level, and I was so afraid that the next step wouldn’t work out, that I would fail in some way.

And now I can see why. In the past couple days, I have gone through photos and memory snapshots of some really great times. Most of them were pretty silly and had to do with goofing off in some way or another, but they stick out from the hazier ones.

For example, cross country. Although I was on varsity my freshmen year and should have been seriously thinking about upcoming meets, a few of us decided that practices needed, well, “livening” up. So, rather than running around the cemetery for the umpteenth time, we decided to start making trips to one of our grandmother’s houses. She would welcome us with baked goods, which we graciously accepted. After looking at one of our watches, we would decide that we needed to hit the road, usually with food in our grubby hands. I remember a particular time when someone stuffed Pop Tarts in their sports bra for later (not naming names, here. That would be soooo unprofessional.) Anyways, our coach discovered our little afternoon secret after our running scores had taken a steady nosedive and the snack trips were canceled.

Or when we were at All-State Jazz Band in Des Moines, my future husband (a drummer) and I (tenor saxophonist) escaped our group and decided to have a pretend wedding right on the capitol lawn. We thought we were so cool and funny – making a mockery of marriage. How little we knew.

And the little group of friends I hung out with, we decided to make a videotape of Ken and Barbie(s) gone bad. It wasn’t dirty or anything, just with a sense of humor befitting teenage girls. I need to find this videotape.

There are so many memories of my friends and the crazy stuff we did, but sometimes when I think back on that time period, it’s muddled with various romantic relationships and other things of that nature that fit in the awkward category. I also remember how immature, selfish, and dramatic I could be, and forget that I was just a kid. I did more than just date or try to hold it together until graduation, I had a good time. It was definitely a period in my life that was memorable, in a good way, and it's fun now as I begin to remember and cherish those memories.


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