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S'no Complainin'

December 16, 2013 - Carrie Olson
We had snow.

Maybe about three inches. (Cue everyone freaking out.)

When news broke that the New York City area would receive more than a dusting last week, the news went crazy. Each channel warned of this dangerous weather – “Stay indoors” etc., etc. I wasn’t too worked up about it, but it seemed a large majority of the area was.

For this, I want to apologize to Midwesterners for the abundant coverage you received in the national news on this situation. It’s just so …. so dumb.

Sometimes I watch How I Met Your Mother now and appreciate the character of Marshall that much more. Being from northern Iowa, his Minnesotan attributes and charm don’t seem that far off. In a few episodes, he makes fun of New Yorkers for their inability to handle cold weather in the proper way. I shake my head up and down in total agreement of his sarcasm.

Yeah, they handle it better than West Coasters with their bundling up for a cold snap at 50 degrees. And when the hurricane happened here last year, yeah that was bad, horrible stuff. But this - it’s just well, this frozen tundra ain’t nothin’.

My eyes rolled hard when my husband told me that some of his students earnestly asked if their classes would be canceled because they heard it might snow. No, he replied. Just no. Perhaps New Yorkers think we are too hardened, too calloused – but we are just used to precipitation of another caliber. School is canceled if there is a good foot of snow or if black ice covers all hard surfaces (and even then, a lot of times it was just a two-hour late start). We didn’t whine and complain at 20 degree or even 10-degree weather. No, you didn’t start complaining until it was at least 10 or 20 BELOW. And would you even dare ask your middle school teacher if we were going to have class because light snow was forecasted? Uh, never. That was pretty laughable.

It is cold here, I will admit that. I am pretty used to putting on my cold weather gear on a daily basis but I have toyed with the idea of buying some good Carharrt clothing when I come home for Christmas. (But if I do, would people consider it hipster to wear such stuff? I sure hope they wouldn't appropriate that, too.)

On a blustery day, yes I admit, I dislike the cold weather here. It’s because I have all these 15-minute walks in Jersey City and NYC. You are dealing with cold temps, tons of people walking, slippery surfaces, watching girls in stilettos trying to clamor to their workplace while holding a venti soy half-caff no-sugar latte and sometimes it’s just aggravating.

And getting groceries. Well, we have found it easier to get a couple things here or there from our more expensive corner store, or making a gigantic list for our box-store and just going to town a couple times a month. Stock the fridge or else. Dragging that cart (which already has a duct-taped leg) in the snow can be pure torture. You are almost done, and you just want to give up. You imagine purchasing a beautiful new car and hauling your packages in its gorgeous trunk … (cue drooling).

But again, the last thing I want to do is complain about what we have received to what kind of snowstorm Middle America will soon get (I’m sure of it). Because if we are getting dumped on, I can assure you it’s a trickle compared to those states. So when I get on the phone with my parents and they say that they are expecting ice and at least six inches, I hold my tongue about the teeny-tiny snowflakes that cover my walk to work. Not gonna happen.


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