The freedom of a simple car ride

On a Positive Note ...

I can sympathize with those who are house bound because of health or mobility issues. I’ve watched my husband over the past 7 weeks as he has been recovering from a broken leg.

He had surgery the last week of January and spent several days at a Des Moines hospital. Then it was on to Van Diest Medical Center for another two weeks as he continued to recover. There, he started therapy to help get him more mobile and to learn how to take care of himself without putting any weight on his right leg. In mid-February, he was able to come home, sleep in his own bed and enjoy his family and dogs. Best of all, he was able to start to work remotely from home.

We owe a debt of gratitude to Bob Oliver and Kent Harfst who helped Larry get into the house when he came home. It’s wonderful to have such caring friends.

During those 7 weeks of confinement, his view of the world has been only what he could see from his hospital room window or our front window. Getting out and about has not been a high priority. Our four front steps have proved to be a daunting obstacle to his freedom. Because of slippery snowy conditions, the steps might as well have been a mountain.

Last week, we were able to get out and head to Des Moines for a follow up appointment with Larry’s surgeon. The warmer sunny day made Larry feel more confident about descending the dreaded steps and he was in high spirits as he successfully made his way to the car.

The good news continued that day as the doctor green-lighted the start of physical therapy and some partial weight bearing.

The best part of the day was the fact that we had some time to drive around, make a few stops and enjoy a dinner out. It seemed to boost his spirits and give him a new perspective and determination to advance his recovery. I’ve since noticed he’s getting up and moving more. He’s trying very hard to be more independent, relying less and less on my son and I to help him.

But that taste of freedom last week has really stirred up his cabin fever. He’s just itching to get out again, especially since we’ve seen several days of sunshine. It’s a good thing we’ve got another brief outing planned for this weekend.

I have a new respect and appreciation for those who live with challenges on a daily basis. We’re fortunate that his situation, while challenging is temporary. Hopefully he’ll be able to drive in the next few weeks, bringing even more freedom.