My next adventure

Adri's Adventures

As many of you know, I will be leaving the Daily Freeman-Journal for a new job opportunity this week.

With this being my final column, I thought I would take the time to reflect on some of the stories that impacted me during my time here in Webster City. Some good. Some bad.

• The love story of Glenn and Marie Cue. This well-known Webster City couple has weathered long-distance, war, and everything else life has thrown at them during their nearly 75 years of marriage. The three hours I was able to sit down with them and hear their stories is something I will not soon forget.

• The first fatal car accident I covered. I remember arriving on scene and having this gut-wrenching feeling come over me. Thankfully, Hamilton County is home to wonderful law enforcement, who have been amazing to work with. As citizens, we don’t always think about what every law enforcement officer goes through on a daily basis. With all the trauma and terrible things they witness, they still go into every shift ready to help others. I know with every accident I’ve covered, the guys at the sheriff’s office and Iowa State Patrol have always had my six.

• Peer P.E. Inclusion is a beautiful thing. I was able to see it firsthand at Webster City High School as students of all abilities came together for games and physical education activities. Everyone in class was treated as an equal and involved. Some shop students even designed a special scooter so that everyone could play together. WCHS is full of amazing educators and students with drive, purpose and determination.

• The Doodlebug Club. My goodness, where do I begin with this wonderful organization? Not only are they keeping Webster City history alive through the continuous telling of Beam Manufacturing and the special scooter, they have been drawing people from around the country back for a celebration each year for over 30 years! Club members graciously included me in events and even provided me with a Doodlebug to ride the trails on. I encourage everybody to check them out again this September for their annual Doodlebug Club of America celebration.

To the teachers, the business owners, the students, local law enforcement, city employees, and residents: I wouldn’t have been able to do my job without your cooperation and voices. I cannot thank you enough for all you have taught me.

Thank you to everyone who I photographed, interviewed and worked with over these two-and-a-half years. Thank you for trusting me to share your stories with our readers.

As I embark upon my next adventure, I hope you will all continue to share your stories and come together as a community.

I will carry your stories along with me as my next adventure begins.