Digital Learning Day


I see that Thursday this week is Digital Learning Day, which celebrates the use of digital technology in learning and particularly highlights innovative and forward-thinking use of technology for learning in the classroom.

For me, this could happen every day, even though I’m not in the classroom, and I still wouldn’t really understand what I should about technology. I can use all the learning I can get. The problem is that technology doesn’t really intrigue me. I guess you could say I tolerate it.

For the young students I visited for the article I recently wrote about STEM, I’d have to say that every day is technology learning day. The assorted technology available to them, that they used with ease and knowledge, was as common to them as my Big Chief tablet and number two pencil were to me back in my grade school days.

It was all so commonplace to them that I doubt they realize how truly amazing it all is. Or how lucky they are to be learning to use this technology.

I’m sure that any one of these youngsters could function as my tech support. That’s one of the pitfalls of having a home office, because there’s no technical support department I can call when I have computer issues or questions. A woman I visited with recently told me her great-grandchildren help her with her home computer issues. Usually that’s what I hear about grandchildren.

My trusty laptop needed a tune-up last week, so I took it to a local computer shop. I knew what the shop owner was doing when he set up my laptop and opened the lid, but after that he pretty much lost me with his running commentary on what he was doing, why that would help, and what he was finding. I tried my best to act like I understood what was going on. I suppose he’s accustomed to that in his customers, at least those in my age range.

It wasn’t quite as easy a fix for the laptop as I anticipated, so I had to leave her overnight at the computer shop. Just as it is with anything used regularly, when I didn’t have it is when I wanted to use it–or thought I needed to.

The laptop is back home now, functioning better and cleaner. I figured it was time for her to be replaced, but this latest tune-up put that off for a while. Even though I don’t know everything I should about her, we get along just fine.