Learning is not just for kids anymore

On a positive note...

They say you’re never to old to learn something new. I guess I’m going to find out soon if that’s true.

I’ve been dying to take one of the Legacy Learning classes but until now, they just haven’t worked out because of scheduling conflicts or family commitments.

But at the end of this month, I’m going to learn how to make rag rugs.

I’ve always been kind of craft-minded — crocheting, knitting and a little sewing — but I’ve never made a rug like this. Back in the 60s and 70s, hooked rugs were all the rage. But I kind of like the idea of rag rugs because it uses scraps, odds and ends and unused bed sheets or fabric. Sort of upcycling, I guess.

I might not have even thought to take this class were it not for all the Facebook posts our former Chamber Director Deb Brown has been posting She took an earlier class and has been sharing her creations via social media. She’s got rugs in every color of the rainbow, ovals and rectangles.

So as I was signing up for the workshop on the Legacy Learning website, I was perusing some of the other offerings coming up this fall. On Saturday, Sept. 9, there will be a Monarch Butterfly presentation which will include a hike through the prairie at Briggs Woods Park or Bauer’s Slough.

Sept. 18 and 19 will bring two very different workshops. Quilters will be able to immerse themselves in all things quilting in the midst of nature. The workshop will be held at Briggs Woods’ beautiful Hickory Cabin. Cameron Slater will be the instructor. Also on those days, writers who wish to create their own personal stories can do so at a workshop led by Jennifer Berte. That class will also be held at Briggs Woods.

Doug Abbott will conduct a class called Holidaze on garden welding on Sept. 16 and 17 at Briggs Woods.

The weekend of Oct. 7 and 8 have four different classes from which to choose. Learn to make bread, how to build cabins, painting techniques for fun and relaxation and how to make natural lip balms, teas and scrubs. What a great opportunity to learn a new hobby or some practical skills to build on.

Being a life-long learner is important for staying active. I hope this will be just the first of many classes and workshops down the road.

For now, I’m looking forward to the fun and fellowship of the rug making class. The Saturday workshop seems like a perfect fit for my schedule and maybe the start of a new hobby. I can think of any number of people who might like a colorful rug at their front door.

Hey family, guess what you’re all getting for Christmas this year.