Bettering the community

Adri's Adventures

As many of you readers know, over the past six or so months, the city council has been working in overdrive to help clean up Webster City and restore some community pride.

The council, city manager, city building inspector, and other city workers have been canvasing the city in hopes of making it a better place for all residents to live.

As specific areas of town have been thorns in the sides of residents, many have come to council meetings and town halls to voice their opinions and concerns. Individuals have expressed concern for safety, health risks, and general displeasure of properties that have not been managed to city standards.

To every citizen who has expressed their concerns, I can completely understand where you are coming from. With limited ability to take care of certain issues due to legalities, there has been increased frustration from community members.

While we are limited to what we can do with many nuisance properties, there are other ways we can help make our community a more beautiful place.

If you see garbage out on the sidewalk or at a park, pick it up and dispose of it. If you have a neighbor in need of assistance with mowing or moving items, see if they will let you lend a hand.

Thanks to volunteers throughout the community, Webster City is already brightening up. For example, Lions Park has a new all-inclusive playground that was installed last week. With updated, safe equipment gracing the grounds near the high school, the park is once again filled with kids who are able to play without fear of being injured on unsafe equipment.

There are so many beautiful outdoor spaces in and around Webster City. If we all do our part to keep things clean, we can continue to promote the abundance of opportunities Webster City has to offer.

It may take some time, but if residents continue to dedicate the time and effort to improving our city, there is no limit to what we can achieve.

If anyone is interested in helping clean up the community, the annual Boone River Clean-Up is this Saturday. For more information about the event or how to get involved, contact Brian Stroner at city hall at (515) 832-9151.

I believe you can make an adventure out of almost any situation, bettering the community sounds like a great adventure to embark upon.