A really ‘grape’ day

Adri's Adventures

I had quite the Thursday. I got up at the crack of dawn (okay, more like 6 a.m.) to prepare for my first interview of the day. As I am the opposite of a morning person, this in itself was truly a feat.

I made my coffee, organized my thoughts and headed out the door. I was just to my garage when I looked down and realized my pants were on backwards. After a quick trip back inside to correctly dress myself, I headed back out the door to actually start my day.

My first feature of the day led me to the outskirts of Stratford. As I was prepared to take some outdoor photographs for an upcoming feature, I was nervous about the cloudy skies literally raining on the day.

Luckily as I neared my destination, the skies cleared and the raindrops stopped.

I spent some time with Backcountry Winery owner Amber Gable. We chatted about life while I took some photos of her harvesting grapes. As we got to talking about life, we discovered that although Thursday morning was our first time meeting, we have a common connection.

It turns out that her extended family is located near my hometown. In fact, they even go to my hometown church. Talk about a small world, right?

It seems that no matter where I travel, some small town connection pops up.

In Northwest Iowa, we refer to the abyss of connections that pop up as ‘Dutch Bingo.’ As it is a heavily Dutch population up in that corner of the state, there are always new connections and old relatives thrown together. I always joke that you can take someone out of Sioux County, but you can’t take the Sioux County out of someone. Case in point: Thursday.

Finding some Dutch Bingo in Hamilton County was probably the highlight of my week.

For me, it is always nice finding a piece of home when I travel someplace new or meet new people. It’s still crazy to me how we encounter people on a day to day basis and how our encounters impact others.

Even better, this was my first time checking out the Stratford winery and all it has to offer.

I’m not going to lie, the romantic in me was also delighted by the sun coming up over the hills at the vineyard. I felt like I was interrupting the plot of a romantic comedy (eat your heart out Nicholas Sparks).

As the time of talking and taking photos came to and end, I headed back to the office with a smile.

Considering I hauled myself out of bed much earlier than normal, I was in a fantastic mood. Thanks to Amber Gable at Backcountry Winery for the ‘grape’ morning.

If you haven’t checked out Backcounty Winery, I encouraged you to do so.