A new school year begins

On a positive note...

Today’s the first day back to school for Webster City students. I don’t know about the rest of the kids in town, but my son was ready to get back into the regular routine, see his friends and enjoy all of the activities.

This is the second-to-last first day of school for our family. My son starts his junior year today. Where did all the time go? 

Facebook will be filled with fun photos of smiling children dressed in new school clothes with back packs slung over one shoulder, ready to face a new school year.

Every year, I post one of my son as well. He doesn’t like me to post pictures of him very often, but he knows the first-day-of-school picture is a must. He grudgingly stands on the front steps and puts kind of a forced smile on his face. Usually, I try to tell a joke or make him laugh to get a more natural pose.

This week, an old memory popped up on my Facebook timeline. That’s one of the cool things about Facebook. They send you a daily reminder of things that you posted on this day a year ago, five years ago and sometimes longer. So, up pops this photo from 2013 of my son heading off to school. He’s grown about two feet since then.

I don’t write very much about the lad any more – at his request. He’s growing up, making friends and the last thing he wants is his mom sharing cute stories from his childhood — especially in the newspaper. I can understand that. There’s nothing more embarrassing to a teen than his or her parents.

I think he will forgive me this once for kind of breaking that rule. I’ve noticed that he is really excited for classes to begin. He’s changed his schedule up a little bit get in some of the classes that hopefully will point him toward a career and a major in college. I’m proud that he’s taking his future so seriously and working toward his goal. But I also want him to enjoy those last two years of high school — to try new things, get involved in causes and activities. I think he’ll regret it down the road if he doesn’t.

So here’s to a very successful year for all of the students throughout Hamilton County. And here’s to all the wonderful teachers who guide our children and teach them the skills they will need.