Time to celebrate, Webster City

On a positive note...

The column by Gerald Schnepf, found elsewhere on this page, makes some great points, especially for those of us who live in smaller communities.

Every town needs a cheerleader, a band leader or someone to preach the good news about the quality of life, local amenities and the kind-hearted people found there. Fortunately, Webster City has many cheerleaders and many voices spreading the word about all life in our picturesque community.

There were a few tough years, but with lots of support and a can-do attitude, the community proved it could survive the loss of a major manufacturer. We are resilient. We are determined. And the community has a story to tell.

For a week in May, there was a documentary crew filming in Webster City. The film, “Made In Iowa,” features Webster City’s resilience after the city’s appliance manufacturing plant shut down and how local residents worked together to adapt to the new business climate. Producers from San Francisco traveled to Webster City and spent time interviewing the community members, scouting and shooting film.

Tomorrow night, that film will premiere at the Webster Theater. In fact, the Webster Theater figures prominently in the film. The short film be shown at 6 p.m. and after that throughout the evening every 30 minutes.

You will probably see lots of familiar faces, friends and neighbors, up on the big screen.

Thursday night will also bring a downtown block party with a free meal, games for the kids and music. The Lions Club will be serving grilled pork bacon burgers with chips and a drink beginning at 5 p.m. Then at 7 p.m., the first Music in the Park of the summer will get underway in Availa Bank Plaza. The band Bad Tactics will perform and area residents are encouraged to share their talents by stepping up to open microphone.

Bring a lawn chair and enjoy the meal, the evening of music and of course, one of the showings of “Made In Iowa.”

Rumor has it, one of the national news networks will be in town to cover the event. And of course, the DFJ will be there to bring you all the photos and stories of the evening.

I’m glad we have this opportunity to showcase the community. We’ve been lucky here in Webster City to have had a few of those chances over the past few years — RVTV, RAGBRAI, JunqueFest, to name a few.

Let’s enjoy the night and celebrate with friends and neighbors. And let’s be thankful to live in a small town that is full of heart and generosity of spirit.