A neat tribute for athletes … and the photographer

On a positive note...

New window graphics at the Webster City High School Competition gym.

Have you seen the cool new window graphics at the Webster City High School Competition Gym? They went up just this week, facing the west parking lot of the gym, installed by Sports Graphics of Clarion. It’s a great use of the space and it’s a terrific way to greet fans as they arrive for games.

The graphics feature eight athletes in action, some of of the Lynx greats from recent years — Alec Fuhs, Gavin Dinsdale, Jon Davis, Landon Daniels, Boone Myers, Kaylee Schnathorst, Allie Flaws and Kaitlyn Biere. All are athletes who demonstrated dedication and commitment to their sport and to their school. That’s something you can see in their faces — that strength, the hours of training and the drive to be the best they can be.

So here’s a little known fact — one talented photographer took all of those photos. I have to give a little shout out to our fabulous DF-J Sports Editor Troy Banning. Too often we take his hard work for granted.

Since 1999, he’s been covering Hamilton County sports, celebrating the victories and yes, even reporting on the defeats. He cares about the kids he writes about and he cares about sharing the sights and sounds of the competition.

Our sports guy is on the road a lot, traveling to the far corners of the state to cover the teams — in the chilly rain of a spring track meet or the in the heat of a June baseball game. He posts hundreds of photos to our online photo gallery following every game and match. He’s there on the sidelines or court side or on the golf course as teams compete in state competitions. And at each and every game, he’s posting little tidbits to Twitter, keeping fans updated on the score or who made the last touchdown.

He’s been honored time and time again by the Iowa Newspaper Association for his work, and this year was one of four sports writers honored by the Iowa High School Athletic Association.

So next time you wander into the competition gym for a game or an event, check out the photos on the windows. We think it’s not only a great tribute to those athletes, but also to the guy who photographed them.