A great Valentine’s Day memory

On a positive note...

I see that our sports editor made a comment on his Facebook page recently, lamenting the fact that the traditional Valentine Mailbox that students take to school to collect the cards and treats from classmates, have become so elaborate.

No longer are they simply a shoe box taped together. No tissue boxes covered in wrapping paper. Now, the card boxes have become grander, more glamorous and full of bling.

My sister-in-law spent two nights creating papier mache castle with a slot in the back to collect her daughter’s Valentines.I would have been intimidated by such a project, but my art-major sister-in-law, knocked the colorful painted box out of the park. Of course it had a generous dusting of glitter on top.

When my son had to take Valentines cards for class parties, the challenge was to find a small chocolate, sucker or some kind of sweet to attach. I always suggested we make some cards on the printer and customize them. But he was never interested superheroes or the latest hit movie character were all he wanted for Valentine cards. That made things simple, of course. Spongebob Squarepants and Iron Man made the rounds for several years and of course, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and Transformers were big, too. And each package of children’s Valentines often carried a larger, nicer card that was meant to be delivered to the teacher. I’m not sure if that still happens, but I’ll bet a lot educators chuckled through all of the Power Ranger, Barbie and Frozen-themed Valentines they received over the years.

I had a special Valentine this year. Larry ordered a singing Valentine from the high school. The Purple and Gold Singers spent the day traveling around the community delivering sweet songs, a flower, card and chocolate to the recipients.

Apparently my Valentine singers missed me a couple times at the office. I was out taking a photo of someone else getting a singing surprise. So the two groups joined forces and serenaded both recipients. What glorious harmony. It was awesome. I’m glad I was able to capture it on video to show Larry later.

My husband is pretty good about surprising me for Valentines Day. One year he sent me two bouquets of flowers.

“I knew you’d expect the first one, but I knew you’d never think I’d send two,” he told me.

He’s right. The two-bouquet thing did throw me off. It was lovely but more than I needed. I told him surprises are great, but keep them simple.

This year’s singing Valentine was the perfect gift for me. Not only did I get a great song from some really talented kids (my son included) but it helped contribute to the music program at school.

Flowers wither but the memory of this fun morning will remain for a long time – and I have video to remember it.