Rumblings of 2016

Jam of the week: “I Sat By The Ocean” by Queens of the Stone Age

Once again, the game is afoot, but whether or not people are ready to play is the question.

Late at night, scrolling through my Facebook news feed, I stumbled upon something unexpected. Facebook notified me that one of my friends liked a page titled “Ready for Hillary.” The page revealed that it was a Facebook site for a political action committee that is, “laying the groundwork of support for her potential candidacy.”

The PAC got more press on Tuesday when recently elected US Senator Claire McCaskill, of Missouri, announced her support for the group. Clinton also recently joined Twitter, leaving a “TBD” at the end of her short Twitter profile biography. You may recall that she left her last position as Secretary of State in February.

Of course, Hillary isn’t the only one eyeing the oval office, and those looking on the other side of the aisle are searching nearby. Rand Paul was featured at the Iowa GOP Lincoln Day Dinner in Cedar Rapids, which also featured Chuck Grassley and Steve King. He also has his own backing PAC for a potential run. Paul has been polling better than fellow conservative Marco Rubio in Iowa, because yes, people are actually opinion polling on the 2016 election already. Personally, I’m astounded they’ve found people who didn’t just immediately hang up the phone.

In an opinion piece by Steve Deace, he said Rubio is losing ground in Iowa. Rubio said he couldn’t vote for an immigration bill if it didn’t have more on border security, but then voted against an amendment by Grassley about border enforcement.

There are many others who have not said they will run, but have support and are polling well. Joe Biden is spoken about, but my best memories of ol’ Joe are from the debates and satirical stories about him. Andrew Cuomo, Governor of New York, is the only other democrat who seems to be polling well.

In the GOP, polls also have strong showings from Chris Christie, who we’ve yet to find out if he’s a down-to-earth realist who could fuel a grassroots campaign, or just another candidate who will make a big gaff at a debate. Others include Paul Ryan and Jeb Bush. It’ll be interesting to see if Ryan can still fire up his fiscal conservative base after the last election, which settled the presidency but did not settle the ire that the last election brought on both sides. As far as Bush goes, I’ll let you think up your own joke about the state of Florida. Something about bath salts and crocodiles.

I notice that these opinion polls for 2016 began as early as December of last year. I love watching the electoral game as much as anyone else, but this pre-season speculation is still breaking through the news cycle of the ongoing investigations into however many scandals are going on right now. With these PACs, I have the feeling we’re going to continue to be inundated with political advertisements, and the people writing the checks aren’t even polite enough to sign their names for the ads to tell us who is our savior and who voted against an anti-puppy-kicking bill.

I’m ready to clear up the scandals in Washington. I’m ready to see what world leaders at the G8 summit will agree to do about Syria. I’m not ready for Hillary, Ryan, Paul or Biden.