Supports Williams for school board

To the Editor:

Linda Williams is a dedicated educator with experience in many areas of our Webster City Schools. She has been a mentor to me for the 22 years I have taught in Webster City. She took me under her wing and got me involved in the Webster City Education Association (WCEA) when she was serving as president. When she took an administration position, I took over for her.

In her WCEA position, she had knowledge of the school budget and finances and was involved with the negotiations process. That involvement will make a smooth transition for her to join the school board.

Linda has been a guidance counselor in our schools. Many children, including mine, looked up to her for assistance in her role as “The Pocket Lady.” This allowed her to see the emotional and social needs of students and help them prosper.

She also served as administrator at Hamilton High. During her tenure, Hamilton High had its highest graduation rate ever.

Linda is very honest and not afraid to take on the challenge of controversial issues facing our students, staff and administrators.

I hope you will join me and vote for Linda Williams to serve on the Webster City Community School’s Board of Education.

Trish Bahrenfuss

President and

chief negotiator of WCEA