Disagrees with editorial on Kushner, column about play

To the Editor:

Two recent editorials in the DFJ have contained false information. These can be easily fact checked.

The first editorial I object to concerned Jared Kushner setting up a back channel with the Russian government. It stated Mr. Kushner had done nothing wrong and that is not true. Here are five reasons why he should not have done so and there are no doubt several more.

1. He lied on his application for a security clearance about meeting with representatives of the Russian government.

2. He was under investigation by United States intelligence agencies.

3. He was violating the Logan Act, which forbids private citizens from conducting negotiations with governments that are our adversaries. There are severe penalties for violating this law.

4. There is only one president at a time and until Donald Trump was sworn in none of his representatives had any authority to deal with any foreign governments. The example given as a comparison in the editorial to President Kennedy during the Cuban missile crisis is not valid because John Kennedy WAS president, not president elect.

5. He proposed setting up these back channels in Russian Embassies. What does he have to hide from American intelligence services? This should be very disturbing to all Americans.

The second column that was incorrect was about the play “Julius Caesar” performed in a modern setting in New York City that had an actor obviously portraying President Trump. The writer stated that if the play had been performed with an actor resembling President Obama Democrats would have strongly objected. The truth of this is the play was performed many times during President Obama’s terms using a black actor who resembled him and no one ever criticized the play.

As Senator Daniel Patrick Moynihan said, “You can have your own opinions, but you can’t have your own facts”.

Linda Warren

Des Moines