Time to move forward with solar energy

To the Editor:

I attended a Solar Energy presentation by Logan Welch at the Kendall Young Library recently, because I am convinced that clean energy, solar and wind, are the best alternatives to polluting fossil fuels.

Logan presented Solar 101 – the basics, from cell construction to massive arrays, financing and why solar is a viable, affordable alternative energy for now and into the future. It is also a job grower, particularly in the Midwest.

The audience consisted of private land and home owners, county officials, farmers and just interested people.

Although the focus of the presentation was on residential or smaller solar arrays, discussion revealed opportunities for non-taxable entities, such as schools, cities, counties, hospitals … even churches, to produce their own energy, providing a savings they can pass on to the general public.

Hamilton County Conservation is installing a solar array at Little Wall Lake, the town of Williams is also exploring this option.

Non-taxable entities are not able to finance the arrays through the federal tax credit option, but they can use a solar lease or power purchase agreement. A solar company will build the solar array and lease it to the school, city, county, church, hospital. The solar company will receive the federal tax credit and the non-taxable entity will benefit from reduced energy costs.

I strongly urge the Webster City School system, the Van Diest Meadical Center, Hamilton County and Webster City to investigate this alternative, clean energy. Let’s move forward into the future reducing our carbon footprint.

The energy cost savings could be passed on through a lower tax asking or enhance programs that would benefit the school children and/or the public.

This would benefit us all. We have nothing to lose by exploring the options and everything to gain.

Deb Leksell

Webster City