Important to stress respect, morals and values to children

To the Editor:

I was raised as a “lady” who expects the men in her life to be “gentlemen.”

I was raised with the belief in chivalry.

I raised a lady and gentleman and I am very proud of them.

They each have beautiful, bright, caring daughters each of whom I have referred to from birth as Miss Shelby, Miss Hailey and Miss Hattie.

As with my son and daughter, from a very early age, I have taught my granddaughters manners and etiquette (just in case they have High Tea with the Queen).

I have stressed all the morals and values, in life, love, education and career that were stressed to me and I have handed down in my private life and career.

Mid-evening last night I was talking to my daughter and granddaughters about my concern if our president acted in less than a gentlemanly manner at an International event with wives of other heads of countries.  Or if he made less than respectable comments to or about the individuals helping prepare and serve at the event.

Certainly in the Era of “Camelot” that just would not  have even been a fleeting thought.   Regardless of what happened in days gone by, one aspect I have always been proud of is the manners of our leaders.  Our country never would have heard or seen the words or actions from an individual elected to lead and represent our country.

So as we prepare to continue to raise ladies and gentleman; future leaders; individuals to lead our future what will we say to them to stress respect, manners and etiquette in all aspects of their lives?

Regardless of who was elected to run our country, we no longer have a say in that.  But we do and always will have a say in how we raise our children. We must remember the morals, ethics and values that we were raised with (hopefully) and how we want to shape our future citizens.

Michaela Stenger, LISW, PsyD

Webster City