Hotel/Motel tax should be renewed

On Nov. 8, local voters will be asked to decide whether Webster City should continue to collect a 7 percent hotel/motel tax. This tax gets collected from people staying at local hotels, motels and beds and breakfasts. All of that money is distributed to organizations and projects that are dedicated to making Webster City a better place to work and play. We believe that the best answer to this question is an unqualified yes.

Taxes should be judged by their results. If a tax is collected, then we as voters should expect to see a benefit. By that measure, the hotel/motel tax is a resounding success. In the last 9 years, all sorts of projects have been funded by the $500,000 raised by the tax, including:

Welcome to Webster City Signs

Wilson Brewer Park Information Center and staffing

Trail Enhancement

Main Street Garden

Sculpture Contest

The Webster Theater

Junquefest Marketing

These are just a few of the many projects funded. All of these projects have helped make Webster City a more inviting place, resulting in more visitors and more revenue. This tax hasn’t impacted local property taxes, or even people that live in Webster City, just people who visit.

The benefits to the community go beyond increasing tourism. People that visit Webster City as a potential site for a new business look at things like our parks and available activities as deciding factor on whether to come here. We have a great community with a lot to offer. The hotel/motel tax helps us to continue to improve. Voters should approve the extension.