Big day at the polls for local voters

More than half of all Hamilton County registered voters cast ballots in Tuesday’s election

Hamilton County voters turned out in large numbers to cast ballots for governor, Congress and several other state and county races on Tuesday.

There are 10,290 registered voters in Hamilton County and a total of 6,428 reported to the polls, voted early or submitted absentee ballots. That’s 62 percent of the registered voters. For a midterm election, that’s a pretty remarkable total, according to Kim Schaa, county auditor and commissioner of elections.

The vote total is the highest for a midterm in recent memory, she said. And the activity at the polls was brisk throughout the day.

The figures for the major races in Hamilton County are as follows. The bold names were the statewide winners:

• U.S. Rep. District 4 — Republican Steve King, 3,215 (including 1,194 absentee ballots); Democrat J.D. Scholten, 2,935 (including 1,315 absentee ballots); Libertarian Charles Aldrich, 129 votes (including 48 absentee ballots); Edward Peterson, 45 (including 18 absentee ballots);

• Governor/Lt. Governor — Republican Kim Reynolds/Adam Gregg, 3,702 (including 1,319 absentee ballots); Democrat Fred Hubbell/Rita Hart, 2,554 (including 1,240 absentee ballots);

• Secretary of State — Republican Paul Pate. 3,838 (including 1,377 absentee ballots); Democrat Deidre DeJear, 2,280 (including 1,108 absentee ballots); Libertarian Jules Ofenbakh, 128 (including 47 absentee ballots);

• State Auditor — Republican Mary Moisman, 3,373 (including 1,163 absentee ballots); Democrat Rob Sand, 2,689 (including 1,305 absentee ballots); Libertarian Fred Perryman, 139 (including 41 absentee ballots);

• Treasurer of State — Republican Jeremy Davis, 2,995 (including 1,039 absentee ballots); Democrat Michael Fitzgerald, 3,076 (including 1,453 absentee ballots); Libertarian Timothy Hird, 145 (including 45 absentee ballots);

• Secretary of Agriculture — Republican Mike Naig, 3,734 (including 1,362 absentee ballots); Democrat Tim Gannon, 2,320 (including 1,115 absentee ballots); Libertarian Rick Stewart, 163 (including 47 absentee ballots);

• Attorney General — Democrat Tom Miller, 4,247 (including 1,812 absentee ballots); Libertarian Marco Battaglia, 1,290 (including 439 absentee ballots);

• State Rep. District 48 — Republican Robert Bacon, 3,805 (including 1,347 absentee ballots); Democrat Tim Winter, 2,380 (including 1,161 absentee ballots).