Teen advisory board meets

— Daily Freeman-Journal photo by Courtney Sogard Teen Libararian, Pascale Bruns, gets some inpiration for some teen centered activities from Pinterest while conducting the first Teen Advisory Board meeting held at the Kendall Young Library last Thursday with 7th grader, Rylee Keehn, right, contributing her own ideas.



The Teen Advisory Board met for the first time Thursday afternoon in the Jane Young Room of the Kendall Young Library.

Led by Teen Librarian, Pascale Bruns, the board meets to discuss what the teens would like to see more of in the library geared towards their age group. Whether it’s for the books to read or the crafts to make, teens are invited to join the board and opinions.

The next Teen Advisory Board meeting will be held on Thursday, Oct. 5. from 5 to 6 pm. No sign-up is necessary.