Destination for vintage

Mustard Seed Revival is latest business to open in downtown Jewell

— Daily Freeman-Journal photo by Billie Shelton “We brew an amazing cup of coffee you can create in your hometown,” said Maranda Van Cleave, shown here at the coffee bar in the newest business in downtown Jewell, Mustard Seed Revival.

JEWELL — Downtown Jewell is becoming a destination for vintage.

At least that’s how Maranda Van Cleave sees it. Early this month she opened Mustard Seed Revival at 629 Main St.. The new shop joined three other stores on Main Street in Jewell that each offers a unique approach to the popular trend in home decorating. At Mustard Seed Revival, vintage finds of all types — from bib overalls to gingham aprons, canisters to cake stands — combine with a space at the rear of the store to enjoy a good cup of coffee and relax with friends.

Van Cleave, who lives with her family in Gilbert, has had a varied career in education as a classroom teacher and administrator in Ames before starting her current position a year ago with the college of education at Iowa State University. There she supports student teachers and those heading out into the profession.

“This allows me to pursue a passion of mine but also allows me to stay connected to education,” Van Cleave stated.

The ISU job is full time, so she and husband Caleb are able to be at the Jewell business on Saturdays and Sundays. Saturday hours are 10 to 5 p.m., while Sundays the store is open noon until 4 p.m.

The name Mustard Seed Revival came about because “I’ve always been reviving things, like what I have for sale here in the shop,” Van Cleave noted. “And I like the parable about the mustard seed. It takes faith to take a chance and try something new, even if it’s something you’ve always been interested in.”

Van Cleave said it was the other vintage shop owners in Jewell who encouraged her to open the new business. ” We can help each other,” she said, adding that shoppers appreciate having more than one location to check out when searching for treasures. “I think everyone is looking for that unique small shopping experience. You can leave with a really unique treasure.”

So far customers at the store have ranged in age from teenagers to senior citizens, according to Van Cleave. “I feel like Jewell has really been supportive through JADE, plus the community itself,” she said, “and we want to promote Jewell. I think there’s lots of excitement and energy here now. We want to create an atmosphere to promote small business.

“What I think is really appealing is that people are looking for something really unique, to find their style,” she added. “Before I did that with family and friends.”

Another passion of the enthusiastic business owner is community and conversation. “We want to be about community, and that’s something a lot of people want. The rear of The Mustard Seed Revival is set up to encourage both community and conversation, with wooden tables and chairs inviting patrons to stop and enjoy a cup of coffee with friends. There’s also space to play a board game, too, or cozy up to the gas fireplace on one side of the room for a nice visit with friends.

Coffee is brewed fresh there from Black Silo Coffee, that’s based in Ankeny. Several varieties of it are available for purchase ground or in whole beans. Tea is also available, as well as some baked goods that are brought in from local bakers.

Mustard Seed Revival will be part of Jaunt this spring.

It’s obvious that Van Cleave is excited about her new business and the opportunities available in Jewell and for Jewell. “I’ve always been an entrepreneur at heart,” Van Cleave admitted with a smile. “And I figure I’ve always tried to promote taking a risk to do something you love. So here I am.”