No snowmobiles in Briggs Woods Park

State citations will be issued by park officers to all violators

The Hamilton County Conservation Board reminds all snowmobile operators that the use of snowmobiles inside of Briggs Woods Park, the Briggs Woods Golf Course, the Boone River Recreational Trail, the JeweEllsworth Trail along with all county and state DNR wildlife management areas is prohibited.

Briggs Woods Park and golf course is a wildlife refuge under Iowa Code Chapter 481 A.5 and Chapter 350 / 4.11. The refuge status helps protect wildlife during the cold winter months with minimal disturbance as their food source is scarce this time of year.

State DNR and county managed wildlife areas do not allow the use of motorized vehicles, including snowmobiles in these areas.

State citations will be issued by Park Officers to violators. The only exception is that the Briggs Woods Golf Course does offer a designated snowmobile trail that parallels state highway 17. Snowmobile operators must stay on the designated marked trails.

For more information contact Brian Lammers at the Hamilton County Conservation Board office at (515) 832-9570.