Manure applicators workshop set for Kamrar Lions Building Feb. 28

Commercial manure applicators and confinement site manure applicators who primarily handle, haul, or land apply dry or solid manure should plan to attend the dry manure applicator certification workshop scheduled in Hamilton County at the Kamrar Lion’s Building in Kamrar on February 28, 2018 beginning at 1:00 pm. Please plan to arrive 15 minutes early to complete registration. Pre-registration is not necessary for this meeting. Contact Stacie Iles at Hamilton County Extension 832-9597 or with questions.

These workshops offered by Iowa State University Extension and Outreach, in cooperation with the Iowa Department of Natural Resources meet manure applicator certification requirements for both confinement site and commercial manure applicators. The workshops differ from the regular manure certification workshops only because they focus more on dry/solid manure issues such as stockpiling and handling.

The workshops are free to attend and open to all. Applicators will be required to submit certification forms and fees to the Iowa DNR to meet manure applicator certification requirements.