Launching into the digital age

Hamilton County, Iowa — Welcome Home website goes live

—Daily Freeman-Journal photo by Adri Sietstra Representatives from throughout Hamilton County were present for the launch of the county’s new website, Hamilton County, Iowa -- Welcome Home, on Wednesday morning at the Hamilton County Courthouse. Individuals are encouraged to visit as well as like and share the page with family and friends.

A marketing initiative coordinated by Hamilton County, the City of Webster City and the Webster City Association of Business and Industry is underway to recruit skilled labor to Hamilton County and position the county as a prime location for new residents to live and work.

The Hamilton County, Iowa — Welcome Home website officially launched Wednesday morning. Each of the nine Hamilton County communities are represented on the website. Each community has its own photo gallery, community video, information and links about what visitors can find in each town.

“Basically, we want to bring skilled labor to live and work here and we’re looking for those kind of folks that want to enjoy the quality of life that we have in Hamilton County, Iowa,” said Kent Bailey, OHP Marketing Services owner.

“It is the beginning of an outreach project to bring individuals from outside of Hamilton County into Hamilton County to live and work here,” said Hamilton County Board of Supervisors member Doug Bailey.

“With the onset of the Prestage Farms announcement – the big pork plant they’re bringing to Wright County – it was immediately known that we were going to have to struggle to find enough workers for them and also the existing employers who have also been struggling to find a workforce to come in and do what they need them to do,” said Bailey. “So the county, City of Webster City and the WC ABI all decided that it was worth the effort rather than to just see what happens, to actually put together a plan to market our county and try to bring skilled labor to work in Webster City and all the communities in the county.”

According to Kent Bailey, there was no direct cost to any of the communities, other than Webster City, who did agree to be one of the major entities of this particular project.

Efforts to create the site began last May.

“We’ve gone from community to community and taken over 12,000 pictures, hours of video and gathered all kinds of content,” Kent Bailey said. “What you see today is the result of that work in a pretty robust website.”

Moving forward, local businesses and organizations will have the option to partner with, or sponsor, the site.

“Going forward, we have two different kind of partnerships,” Kent Bailey said. “One is really meant for the larger employers in the county and what we would like to provide to them is an opportunity to perhaps reach a new audience and find workers.”

“On the community-based – the smaller level – we’re offering community partnership sponsorship where any body that wants to do it, whether it be a civic club, small business, real estate firm, bank…if they would like, they can help sponsor this by being on their community’s particular page,” Kent Bailey said.

The monies received in sponsorships will be put back into the website’s marketing and advertising efforts.

With the site now launched and live, the work to reach potential residents and workers will continue in full force.

“Starting today, what we will now do, is start to reach out and market,” said Kent Bailey. “Our initial target is bordering states. However, we will also be looking to other areas of the United States.”

The site will be monitored daily to see how the site is working and what, if any changes need to be made as the site garners more traffic.With a large number of internet users surfing the web on their smart phones, Kent Bailey noted the website is mobile friendly.

“We made a big point of making this website fast and easy to load and mobile friendly,” said Kent Bailey.

“We hope that you’ll go to it and check it out,” said Kent Bailey. “The website will continue to evolve. If you come back in a month, or even sooner, you’re going to see new things.”

Bailey encourages county residents to like and share the Hamilton County Iowa Welcome Home Facebook page and visit

“I would encourage to please like it and share it because there’s a good chance that we all have either family or friends who don’t live here that either we’d like them to live here or maybe we have that quality of life they’ve been looking for and they just don’t know it yet,” said Kent Bailey.

For more information or to look into becoming a sponsor, contact Kent Bailey at OHP Marketing Services at or call (515) 832-4484.

“We want to get the word out there and have people share and like and reinforce the message that we love it here in Hamilton County, there is opportunity here and we have a great quality of life,” Kent Baily said.