It’s official now

Lubberstedt-Arjes named library director

—Daily Freeman-Journal photo by Adri Sietstra Kendall Young Library Director Ketta Lubberstedt-Arjes is pictured above in Kendall Young LIbrary Tuesday afternoon. Lubberstedt-Arjes was officially announced as the new library director Monday night at a Kendall Young Library Board of Trustees meeting.

“I’m just excited for this opportunity. I’ve worked here since 1999, so I’m excited to move to this position and use what knowledge I’ve learned in the past 19 years and help the library continue to grow and be well-loved by the community.”

Lubberstedt-Arjes was officially announced the new director at Kendall Young Library during a meeting of the Kendall Young Library Board of Trustees meeting Monday evening. She was offered the position on Feb. 15 and will officially begin the new position on March 1.

Former director Angie Martin-Schwarze was the director at Kendall Young Library for the last six years.

“I was president last year when the search began for a replacement for Angie when we found out she was moving to Washington State,” said Mark Dohms, Kendall Young Library Board of Trustees member and treasurer. “Tami Hejlik and I began working with the other three members to start the proces late last year.”

After Martin-Schwarze left her position last July, Lubberstedt-Arjes took on the role of interim director. As interim director, she was given the opportunity to try out the director position.

“Crystal Gordan, another board member, and I met with Ketta last summer and offered her the opportunity to step into this interim directorship,” Dohms said. “She had been at the research desk for a long time. She had been the assistant director and backup to Angie.”

After consideration, Lubberstedt-Arjes accepted the interim position. As Martin-Schwarze’s days at Kendall Young Library came to a close, Lubberstedt-Arjest began attending board meetings, looking at the library budget and working with her to better understand the role of director.

“In talking with Crystal, we both saw growth,” Dohms said. “She had a lot of opportunities to watch our previous directors, Cynthia and Angie. She obviously did and took note and used those skills.”

As she fully transitions to director, most of her duties will remain the same.

“As of right now, I will continue to purchase the adult materials, and do a little cataloging,” said Lubberstedt-Arjes. “Really it’s just having the official title now.”

Lubberstedt-Arjes, a Wayne, Nebraska native, attended Wayne State and earned a Bachelors of Science degree in math. Lubberstedt-Arjes then received a graduate degree in Library Science from Emporia State University in Emporia, Kansas. Lubberstedt-Arjes and her husband, Jon, live in Webster City with their six-year-old son, Blake.

“The library has become a part of our lives,” said Lubberstedt-Arjes. “I’ve been here for such a long time that it’s just a part of my life. The people and the community are amazing. I couldn’t see my life anywere else right now.”

Lubberstedt-Arjes was one of three individuals who applied for the position.

“Each of the applicants, of course, had strengths that we saw,” Dohms said. “Ketta had 19 years experience with the library in many different capacities. Those I had spoken to in the community prior to her even entering as a candidate, had positive things to say about her.”

From working at the reference desk, to assistant library director to interim director, Lubberstedt-Arjes is no stranger to the ins and outs of Kendall Young Library.

The board found that Lubberstedt-Arjes had many components they were seeking in a candidate. Her extensive knowledge and history at Kendall Young Library made her an ideal candidate.

“She checked off most of the boxes of what we were looking for,” said Dohms. “She understood the community. She knows the library backward and forward. She’s established here in town, which is nice, with a husband and a child in the school system. And she goes to community and civic events.”

“I know I speak for the whole board,” Dohms said. “We’re very happy to have her as our permanent director. I think the community is relieved that we now have an official director again.”

“It’s great. It’s nice to be able to move forward and carry on with the operations of the library,” Lubberstedt-Arjes said.

As Lubberstedt-Arjes transitions into this role, she hopes to implement more family programming. She also hoping to hold bi-lingual programs in the future at the library.