Council approves rezoning request

Intersection cost-sharing agreement with Kwik Star authorized

—Daily Freeman-Journal photo by Adri Sietstra Richard Stroner speaks about possible improvements at Kendall Young Park during Monday evening’s council meeting.

The City Council of Webster City approved the rezoning of property on Fairmeadow Drive at Monday evening’s meeting.

The council approved the second reading of the proposed ordinance rezoning land on Fairmeadow Drive from residential to commercial in a unanimous roll call vote. Councilman Jim Talbot gave a “reserved yes” due to wanting more answers.

The council decided to waive the third reading in a 4-1 roll call vote with Talbot voting no. Councilman Logan Welch voted yes with a stipulation.

“My vote is yes, but that being the fact that we have something in writing with the building conditions and timeline of construction,” said Welch.

The council then voted to pass and adopt the ordinance in a 4-1 roll call vote with Talbot voting no.

After considering numerous written and oral objections at a public hearing held on Jan. 15, the first reading of the proposed ordinance amending the Official Zoning Map of the City of Webster City, rezoning property from R-1 (single-family dwelling) district and R-2 (multiple-family dwelling) district to C-3 (Highway commercial) district, with said property being located on Fair Meadow Drive, was approved by the council at their Jan. 15 meeting.

The council approved entering into an intersection cost-sharing agreement with Kwik Trip, Inc. of Wisconsin in a unanimous roll call vote

The exact work to be done to the intersection has not been decided on yet due to concerns for ensuring the right process is taken and the community is best benefited.

Webster City City Attorney Zach Chizek highlighted some aspects of the agreement during the meeting.

“I just wanted to quickly go over this intersection cost-sharing agreement and address any questions you may have or anybody in the audience may have,” said Chizek.

According to Chizek, Kwik Star was really good to work with and did not have any major issues with the city’s proposal.

“Kwik Star is agreeing to pay, in regards to the intersection at Superior and Fairmeadow, the first $412,800…which is what option A essentially covers,” Chizek said. “The city would then be responsible for all costs on top of that. Which I think the total cost was just over $612,000, so it would be around $200,000 the city would be responsible for.”

Chizek noted that, in addition, the city and Kwik Star have agreed to pay 50/50 for any change orders that may come up in the future.

With the third reading waived and rezoning approved, the construction timeline will have to begin in the next thirty days.

“Ken Wetzler would have to start working with Snyder & Associates to begin the process of getting this started,” said Chizek. “It has to be done by Dec. 1, 2019, which seems like a little ways away, but with everything that goes on obviously with construction timelines and all that it will be here before we know it.”

Chizek also addressed the community’s concern with the possibility of Kwik Star changing their site plan during the construction process.

“We have it in the agreement that Kwik Trip agrees not to substantially change, add, or differentiate from its project site plans presented to the city’s planning and zoning commission without first bringing it before the council for review and approval,” Chizek said.

According to Chizek, the council has the ultimate decision on whether or not future changes can be made.

The council also approved entering into an agreement with Snyder & Associates for the Superior Street and Fairmeadow Drive intersection improvements.

The intersection will be maintained by the city, this includes snow removal.

The agreement also states that if Kwik Star sells the property in the future, the new buyer must adhere to the council for proposed changes to the building and its landscape.

Kwik Trip representative Wade Dumond was also present at the meeting. Dumond took a turn at the podium to reassure the council that Kwik Trip’s plans had not changed.

“We have no intent to bring back before you the scale or additional truck parking,” Dumond said. “Again, I can say that based on the management that there is right now. That’s what we’ve agreed to. Things do change in business, so I can’t guarantee that in five, ten or 20 years in doesn’t happen. But, at this point, there is no intent to do that.”

Public Hearings

Two public hearing dates have been set:

• Monday, Feb. 19 at 5:35 p.m. concerning the proposed purchase agreement of city-owned property in the Dubuque and Pacific Railroad Addition.

• Monday, March 5 at 5:35 p.m. concerning the Wilson Brewer Park Cabin Foundations Project.

Richard Stroner, representing American Legion Post 191/Webster City Boy Scouts Troop 17, gave a presentation to the council concerning a proposal for improvements at Kendall Young State Park.

“We’ve got some real big issues with that whole area,” said Stroner. “The first and foremost is there is no drinking water out at Kendall Young.”

Possible improvements included running a water service line out to the park, accessibility to the Girl Scout Lodge, electrical work on the Girl Scout Lodge, animal control at the lodge, and adding a restroom.

A request from Webster City Community Vitality Director Lindsay Henderson concerning branding and redevelopment was approved.

Before Monday evening’s meeting, the council met in closed session to evaluate the city clerk, Karyl Bonjour. After a favorable evaluation, the council approved a two percent salary raise for Bonjour.

The next council meeting will be held on Monday, Feb. 19 at 5:30 p.m. in the council chambers at city hall.