‘A Little Song and Dance’

Webster City High School presents ...

—Daily Freeman-Journal photo by Adri Sietstra Webtster City High School students Matthew Johnson, left, and Gianna Borer, right, rehearse their song, “L-O-V-E,” Monday afternoon at Prem Sahai Auditorium. The duo is one of many acts that will be featured in the annual Variety Show Friday, March 2 through Sunday, March 4.

Webster City High School Choir Program will present its annual Variety Show Friday, March 2 at 7 p.m.; Saturday, March 3 at 7 p.m.; and Sunday, March 4 at 2 pm. This year’s theme is “A Little Song and Dance.”

Every show will feature the following groups: Lynx Singers will perform “Wake Me Up!” (with soloists Cale Hubbard, Jake Lahr, Peter Ohlert, and Gemma Borer), “Me and My Broken Heart” (with soloists Florence Yorke, Chloe Bradley, and Parker McIntosh), and “Renegades.” Purple & Gold Singers will perform “Budapest” (with solos my McKenna Mitchell and Kylie Lantz), “Brother” (with solos by Logan Duff, Matthew Johnson, Elycia Obrecht, and Jackson Moberly), and “Bohemian Rhapsody.” Combined choirs will perform “21 Guns” (with soloists Maren Borer, Gage Dixon, MJ Atchison, Kyra McKee, and small group Echo Bearden, Sarah Lindstrom, Anna Atchison, Josi Hines, Kyle Chieng, and Logan Granahan), “Exs and Ohs,” and “H.O.L.Y.” The Senior Song is “See You Again” (with soloists James Cherry and Dan Sharar), following the Senior Slideshow. Chordination will perform a Michael Jackson Medley, “Stitches,” and “So What.” Show Choir will perform “Beautiful Day,” “Better When I’m Dancing,” “Fields of Gold,” and “Maps.”

Friday only are the following acts: Taylor Segar and Ashlyn Woodard performing “Too Good at Goodbyes,” Gemma Borer performing “Everybody Knows,” Kylie Lantz performing “Dancing on My Own,” Matthew Johnson performing “Just the Two of Us,” Haley Johnson performing “The Village,” Gianna Borer performing “You Have My Heart,” and an Ensemble Acting of “Antigone” from Gianna Borer, Charlotte Judkins, and Kamren Neddermeyer.

Saturday only are the following acts: Kiah Pride and Carol Sims performing “Such Great Heights,” Logan Duff performing “Three Feet of Water,” McKenna Mitchell performing “Break Away,” Gianna Borer and Matthew Johnson performing “L-O-V-E,” Kyra McKee performing “Golden Slumbers,” Daniel Blankenship performing “Can’t Help Falling in Love,” and an Ensemble Acting of “Proof” from Meywelyn Enriques, Jacob Wagner, and Lacey Westberg.

Sunday only are the following acts: Parker McIntosh performing “Les Twins Dance,” Gage Dixon and Dan Sharar performing “1-800,” Elycia Obrecht performing “Fall for You,” Jonathan Dixson performing “So I Sang,” Kyle Chieng, Matthew Johnson, and Peter Ohlert performing “Africa,” an Ensemble Acting of “Revenge of the Rash” from Anna Atchison, Rachel Derrig, and Grace Hoffman, and a Choral Reading from Maren Borer, Grace Hoffmann, Charlotte Judkins, Kamren Neddermeyer, and Lacey Westberg.

Students in Lynx Singers include Xavier Adams, Anna Atchison*, Echo Bearden*, Gemma Borer*, Lexi Boyd, Chloe Bradley, Allison Carr, Kyle Chieng*, McKenna Dinsdale*, AJ Engelking, Logan Granahan, Nick Henrickson, Josi Hines*, Cale Hubbard, Michael Johansen, Kanie Johnson, Aycelyn Kiesecker, Jake Lahr, Sarah Lindstrom*, Jose Lopez, Bradley Maikhio, Avinliegh McBurney*, Tyler McCoy, Bryce McFarland, Parker McIntosh, Zack Mickelson, Kayla Nelson, Samantha Newman, Peter Ohlert, Kay-Lee Peterson, Madison Pingel*, Kiah Pride, Taylor Segar, Carol Sims, Therese Traster, Brennan Wardell, Ashlyn Woodard, and Florence Yorke.

Students in Purple & Gold Singers include MJ Atchison*, Daniel Blankenship*+, Gianna Borer*+, Maren Borer+, James Cherry, Tanner Cross+, Gage Dixon, Jonathan Dixson*+, Logan Duff*, Kevon Edwards*+, Kailee Fortune, Riley Jergens, Haley Johnson+, Matthew Johnson*+, Kylie Lantz+, Angel Lopez, Kyra McKee*+, McKenna Mitchell*+, Jackson Moberly, Elycia Obrecht*+, Dan Sharar, and Zoey Woodle. (A “*” indicates members of Show Choir. A “+” indicates members of Chordination.)

Emcees are Gage Dixon, Jonathan Dixson, Matthew Johnson and Dan Sharar. Crew includes Mrs. Sandy Ausenhus, Echo Bearden, Grace Hoffman, Charlotte Judkins, Kamren Neddermeyer, and Ozzy Samardzic. Director is Andrew Wotherspoon.

Reserved tickets (closer to the front of the auditorium) can be purchased in advance for $8 each at the WCHS office from 7 a.m. to 4 p.m. General seating tickets (further back in auditorium) can be purchased at the door for $5 each. Because the Variety Show is a fundraiser for WC Vocal Boosters, no passes will be accepted.