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Leather crafting business relocates to Kamrar

Timothy Morgan, co-owner of Good Works Leather+, works on a project at his shop in Kamrar Saturday morning. Morgan and his wife, Denise, recently relocated their business from SOS Vintage to Kamrar.

KAMRAR — Good Works Leather+ runs their business by the principles of a Bible verse found in Ephesians 2:10 which states “For we are God’s workmanship, created in Christ Jesus to do good works, which God prepared in advance for us to do.”

With the relocation of Good Works Leather+ from Webster City to Kamrar in January of 2017, owners Timothy and Denise Morgan continue to adhere to that principle.

Timothy, the leatherman at Good Works Leather, creates unique belts, purses, holsters, wallets, backpacks, computer bags, Bible covers, motorcycle barrel bags and more. Every piece is hand sewn for optimal, long lasting quality.

The Morgans started their leather works venture in 2009 on the trade works circuit. Timothy began making personalized wallets, purses and belts to sell on a single table in his kitchen. He spent a year building up his inventory. The Morgan’s then began their wares at trade shows and renaissance festivals across the Midwest.

Timothy, an Airforce veteran, first dabbled in leatherworking as a teenager in the scouts. He returned to his passion as a means of income for his family.

—Daily Freeman-Journal photo by Adri Sietstra Good Works Leather+, owned by Timothy and Denise Morgan, recently relocated to Kamrar. Prior to setting up shop in the small town, Good Works Leather was based out of SOS Vintage in Webster City. Good Works Leather can be contacted at (515) 835-0215.

“The reason we started the business was because I couldn’t find a job,” Timothy said. “I’ve been working with leather since I was a scout. It was something I dabbled in for years and years and years and then the interest grew.”

After a chance encounter with Denise Smith, owner of SOS Vintage, a friendship was made and offer given to rent out space at her downtown Webster City business. In fact, many of the workbenches that now sit in the new shop were purchased from Smith.

“I am grateful for Denise (Smith) and all that she has helped us with,” Timothy said. “If it wasn’t for her, I wouldn’t have any of this stuff.”

The shop moved to Main Street in Kamrar just after Christmas in 2016 when Good Works Leather+ began to outgrow their rental space at SOS Vintage.

“Me moving out from SOS, there were no hard feelings on either side. It was a matter of a mutual agreement that I needed my own space,” Timothy said.

He noted he does not do zippers, shoes or shoe repair because he doesn’t do machine sewing and zippers are prone to breakage.

“I just like the idea of doing it old school and keeping things old school,” Timothy said. “I do have a lot of repeat customers that appreciate the true leather and old school style of sewing, because it lasts a lot longer.”

He has a variety of leather pieces ready for sale including personalized key chains, purses, wallets, holsters, cell phone holster and checkbook holders.

Timothy also takes requests from prospective buyers.

“A few clients have come in with a purse or wallet they really like that is falling apart and want a replica made,” Denise said. “Tim will do the best he can to make something like it.”

In the last year, Timothy has even worked on Stephanus holsters upon request.

In keeping with Ephesians 2:10, Good Works Leather+ doesn’t do any skull work,

Timothy gets his leather from Tandy Leather in Des Moines and Weaver Leather. For individuals interested in tanned leather, the Morgans utilized a leather tanning business in Boone.

Denise is a Kamrar native and grew up across the street from the home she and Timothy share with their two children, Samantha, age 12, and Sean, age, 10.

Timothy grew up in California. He also lived in Arizona, Seattle, Oregon, Alaska and Texas during his time in the Airforce. Timothy served in the Airforce from 1984 to 1989.

“What got me, what just prior to Desert Shield, I had an accident and it messed up my legs,” Timothy said. “Significantly enough to where in 2007, I had reconstructive surgery on my left ankle.”

Today, Timothy has no feeling in his right hand after surgery for carpal tunnel syndrome. However, that doesn’t keep him from continuing to hone his craft and create new leather works for all ages.

After his time in the Airforce, Timothy attended Buena Vista University and got a bachelor’s degree in organizational leadership and psychology.

Denise obtained a business administration degree from Buena Vista University after encouragement from Timothy.

Denise currently works as a customer service representative at Van Tec in Webster City.

Timothy works full time at the shop.

The Good Works Leather+ shop is located at 645 Main St. in Kamrar. Anyone interested in checking out the shop can call and make an appointment at (515) 835-1768.

“We’re two blocks from Pickles Pub. Two blocks straight east of Pickles,” said Timothy. “Stop in and have some lunch at Pickles and then come see what I’ve got on the shelf.”

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