A surprise from one of Santa’s little helpers

Seven children receive gifts from Christmas wish lists Wednesday afternoon at Kendall Young Library

Kendall Young Children’s Librarian Linda Brown hands Jennavecia Collins, age 7, a gift left for her at Kendall Young Library by Santa’s Master Chief Elf Wednesday afternoon.

Santa’s Master Chief Elf brought some Christmas Cheer to seven boys and girls at Kendall Young Library Wednesday afternoon.

Santa’s helper visited with kids yesterday and helped them make their wish lists. The children who completed their lists had gifts from their lists waiting for them this afternoon.

“The Master Chief Elf came in yesterday and worked with the kids to write letters to Santa,” said Kendall Young Children’s Librarian Linda Brown. “I didn’t know who she was but she came back today with some gifts from Santa.”

According to Brown, the identity of Santa’s helper is unknown.

“I don’t know her name,” said Brown. “It’s a mystery.”

The identity of Santa’s Master Chief Elf was unknown by gift recipients and KYL employees. All the elf left were gifts for the good boys and girls and this signature on each letter.

Brown was floored by the actions of the Master Chief Elf.

“It just made me feel so good to have somebody in the community do this for the children.”

Gifts were left for seven boys and girls by Santa's Master Chief Elf Wednesday afternoon at Kendall Young Library.