Searching for volunteers

Meeting tonight to discuss ways to clean up WC

An informal community clean up meeting will be held tonight to determine how local volunteers can help clean up Webster City.

The meeting will be held tonight at 7 p.m. at the Fuller Hall Sampson Room. Anyone is welcome to attend the meeting.

According to City Council of Webster City councilman Brian Miller, the purpose of this meeting is to see how volunteers in the community can help clean up Webster City.

“Throughout my first year on the council as a council member there have been a couple volunteer things we’ve done and there have always been people that say ‘keep me in mind’ for the next thing,” said Miller.

“This is a chance to get everybody that is interested together and see what the group is willing or wanting to do,” said Miller.

Possible areas of focus include seeing how volunteers can assist in nuisance property clean up, helping out a neighbor who may not be able to rake their leaves or shovel their sidewalk, and other ways to improve upon the quality of life within Webster City.

According to Miller, he hopes to coordinate with the city for help in locating nuisance properties and possible avenues of funding.

“My goal really is to get interested parties together and decide what we want to do with a group like this,” Miller said.

For more information or questions, contact Brian Miller at (641) 425-8451 or email

“Anyone who is interested in helping out — it could be anything from raking leaves or picking up garbage — there is no real window we are trying to fit as to what we would do,” said Miller.