Polls open from noon to 8 p.m. today

Voters to select city council and commission positions

It’s Election Day across the U.S. In Hamilton County, voters will head to the polls to elect officials to city councils as well as other boards and commissions.

Polls are open today from noon to 8 p.m. Polling sites around the county are as follows:

• Blairsburg: City Hall, 516 Lake St., Blairsburg;

• Ellsworth:  Trinity Lutheran Church Fellowship Room, east entrance, 1629 DeWitt St., Ellsworth;

• Jewell: South Hamilton High School, Atrium Entrance, 315 Division St., Jewell;

• Kamrar: Lions Club Building, 430 Elm St., Kamrar;

• Randall: Randall City Hall, 450 Main St., Randall;

• Stanhope; Stanhope Community Center, 600 Main St., Stanhope;

• Stratford: Stratford Community School, South entrance, 1000 Shakespeare Ave., Stratford;

• Webster City: St. Paul’s Lutheran Church, west entrance, 1005 Beach St., Webster City;

• Williams: Williams Public Library, southeast entrance, 216 Main St., Williams.