Hawkins, McKinney and Welch re-elected

Hove, Runyan claim mayoral seats in Stanhope, Stratford

Three members of the City Council of Webster City were re-elected Tuesday night during the general election.

John Hawkins, Matt McKinney and Logan Welch, all three incumbents sought another term in office.

Of the 4,633 registered voters in Webster City, 323 ballots, 6.97 percent of voters, were cast.

According to unofficial results, Hawkins received 256 votes, McKinney received 261 votes and Welch received 256 votes. There were 41 write-in votes cast. A total of 814 votes were cast for the three open council seats.

“Winning a second term is much sweeter to me than the first,” Welch said. “There was a little bit of a hiccup today. I was worried about some possible rumblings in the community of a possible write-in campaign, but obviously that came out to be nothing to worry about.”

“I’m very pleased and very proud to be on the council. I’m also very happy for John Hawkins and Matt McKinney and look forward to working with them for another four years.”

Also on the ballot in Webster City were two candidates seeking two spots on the Fuller Hall Board of Trustees – Mary Fortune and Ann Kness. Fortune received 262 votes. Kness received 285 votes. There were two write in votes.

Crystal Gordon won a seat on the Kendall Young Library Board of Trustees. Gordon received 287 votes. Three write in votes were also received.

Three Hamilton County communities had contested races for mayor.

Harold L. Hove won the seat for mayor in Stanhope, obtaining 58 votes. Opponent Kelly Wirtz received 27 votes. There was also one write-in vote.

Larry Runyan won the seat for mayor in Stratford. Runyan had 86 votes, with opponent Steven Anderson obtaining 39 votes. There was one write-in vote.

Jessica Hiemstra won the Williams mayoral seat with 37 votes. Opposing candidate David L. Seiser received 29 votes.

Other council races throughout the county included:

• Blairsburg: Troy Hassebrock won the seat for mayor with 36 votes. One write-in vote was received. Rodney E. Harris and Craig Jeffers won the two open seats for council with 38 votes and 22 votes, respectively. Arnold Smith received 6 votes. Vicki Jean Sturtevant obtained 32 votes to fill an unexpired term. One write-in vote was also received.

• Ellsworth: Gregory Campbell won the mayoral seat with 40 votes. Three write-in votes were receive. Marty Jensen and Dolorus Yager claimed seats on the City Council with Jensen receiving 33 votes and Yager receiving 13 votes. Justin Easterday received 12 votes. There was a scattering of six votes.

• Jewell: Mickey Walker ran for mayor and received 113 votes; Council seats went to Kenneth Outzen, 109 votes, Leo J. Reiter, 112, and Rick Young, 115;

• Kamrar: Ruth Brozek, Scott Nieman and Greg Philbrook each received nine votes for two seats on the City Council. One write-in vote was also cast.

• Randall: Gregg Wright won the seat for mayor with 26 votes. Susan McSparin, Steven Moore and Scott Stephens obtained seats on the Randall City Council. McSparin received 24 votes; Moore received 25 votes; Stephens received 19 votes. One write in vote was also cast.

• Stanhope: Terry Painton and Crystal Renze obtained seats on the City Council. Painton received 46 votes and Renze received 67 votes. There were nine write-in’s.

• Stratford: Heather Conklin, Chase Haman, and Mitchell Peterson won seats on the City Council. Conklin received 109 votes; Haman received 113 votes; Peterson received 92 votes. Ten write-in votes were received.

Justin Richardson ran to fill an unexpired term on the council. Richardson received 96 votes. Seven write-in votes were also received.

• Williams: Dennis Frayne, Richard E. Kohl and Shannon Swedeen won council seats. Frayne received 53 votes, Kohl had 54 votes and Swedeen received 52 votes. There were also eight write-in votes.

Williams voters also considered Public Measure A: “Shall the proposition that the City Council of the City of Williams, Iowa levy taxes for the established Capital Improvements Reserve Fund at a rate not to exceed sixty-seven and one-half per thousand dollars of taxable value each year, for a period not to exceed 10 years, for the purpose of street, sidewalk, equipment and building improvements in the City of Williams, Iowa be adopted?”

The measure had 41 votes for yes and 18 votes against the measure.