Council to make decision on tabled agreement

Two residential city properties may become possession of city

The City Council of Webster City will meet tonight to discuss an extension of an agreement between the City of Webster City and Marty and Nathaniel Parkhill. The motion was tabled from the Nov. 6 meeting.

The Parkhills are asking for an extension on a residential completion agreement.

The Parkhills have been working for over a year to utilize the property located at 1503 First St.

A residential agreement was entered into on July 5, 2017. This agreement stated that demolition of the then-existing dwelling was to be completed by Oct. 16, 2017. Completion of the exterior structure including a heating system was to be done by Nov. 1, 2017. According to the agreement, completion of entire construction is to be done by May 1, 2018.

Nathaniel Parkhill found a complete home to move onto the property at 1503 First St. The house, which currently belongs to Theo Boman, is located at 609 Ohio St. The move of this home is scheduled to be completed after Boman completes his move into his recently restored home at 601 Ohio St. Boman estimates to be moved the week after Thanksgiving.

The Parkhills are waiting on an appraisal from a building company comparing the home at 609 Ohio St.’s value and the lot at 1503 First St.

The council deferred this matter for two weeks so that the Parkhills could get that appraisal done so the council could have that financial piece in mind when they make that decision if they want to have a municipal infraction or not.

The council may approve and accept the acquisition of property at 1118 John St. The city has been dealing with this property since February of 2015 regarding an Unsafe Building notice. The city petitioned the courts to take possession of the dwelling.

According to the city packet, the city public works director is in the process of getting quotes for the cost to demolish the property.

The city has also obtained a Quit Claim Deed for the adjacent lot owned by the same property owner. The council may also approve and accept the quit claim deed on behalf of Naturlich Health and Beauty Corp.

The council may approve a series of resolutions obligating funds from the Urban Renewal Tax Fund for appropriation to the payment of Annual Appropriation Tax Increment Financed Obligations. All of which shall come due in the next fiscal year. These include:

• Fareway

• WCF Financial Bank

• 3DK Enterprises

• Shopko

• WC Custom Meats

Webster City Fire Chief Chuck Stansfield is requesting to purchase a battery powered combination spreader/cutter tool for the fire department.

With proximity to Highway 20, the department is often called to extricate patients. This tool, according to Stansfield, would increase the speed by which patients would be extricated from their vehicles.

This purchase may be approved by the council.

The salary of the city manager may be amended if approved by the council. The salary increase would be two percent, with a total base wage effective Oct. 31, 2017 of $107,120.

The council may approve a motion authorizing the mayor and city clerk to execute documents in connection with a $1,000,000 United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) Economic Development Loan and Grant Program to Mary Ann’s Specialty Foods.

The council will discuss the possibility of changing the city council’s meeting time beginning in January of 2018.

The next city council meeting will be held on Monday, Dec. 4 at 5:30 p.m. in the council chambers.