Council approves completion extension

Parkhills must finish dwelling on First Street property by May 1, 2018

The City Council of Webster City approved the extension of a residential completion agreement between the City of Webster City and Marty and Nathaniel Parkhill Monday evening. With this extension, the Parkhills have until May 1, 2018 to have construction on the dwelling completed and be living in the dwelling.

The Parkhills had previously asked the city for an extension on a residential completion agreement.

The Parkhills have been working for over a year to utilize the property located at 1503 First St.

The council deferred this matter at the Nov. 6 meeting for two weeks so that the Parkhills could get a financial appraisal done.

The Parkhills were waiting on a financial appraisal from a building company comparing the value of a home at 609 Ohio St. and the lot at 1503 First St. before they were able to continue specific work on moving the dwelling. The financial appraisal was received late Monday afternoon, according to Nathaniel Parkhill.

Nathaniel Parkhill found a complete home to move onto the property at 1503 First St. The house, which currently belongs to Theo Boman, is located at 609 Ohio St. The move of this home is scheduled to be completed after Boman completes his move into his recently restored home at 601 Ohio St. According to Nathaniel Parkhill, the house will be ready to move in December or January.

According to Nathaniel Parkhill, since the Nov. 6 meeting, the sewer and water line have been put in at 1503 First St. The basement has also been dug out. Parkhill hopes to pour concrete for the basement soon. City inspector Elise Timm noted that she has inspected both the sewer and water lines at the First Street property.

Mayor John Hawkins questioned if Parkhill had a house mover lined up for the job.

“I’ve got a house mover that plans on moving it and doing the foundation,” Parkhill said. “It sounds like he might be up next week.”

Councilman Logan Welch noted the numerous extensions the Parkhills had been given and questioned if they could meet the May deadline for completion.

“The true deadline to actually be living in the dwelling is May of 2018,” said Welch. “With some of these setbacks and the complexities that come with moving a house and setting it and getting it ready to live in, do you feel that that deadline can still be met?”

“I probably should be able to do that,” Parkhill said.

“Are you confident?” asked Welch.

“Yes, I’m pretty confident,” said Parkhill.

“I’m personally okay with extending this one because again, this is one step in a longer process that the final deadline has not been met yet,” Welch said.

“I’m not against extending it,” said councilman Brian Miller. “I know we didn’t ask for it, but I would have liked to have seen you with some evidence of contracts signed and proof.”

Councilman Matt McKinney agreed to move forward with the extension.

“From my perspective, I’m okay with leaving the May 1 deadline. I’m good with that,” said McKinney. ” I would like to have updates on where you are at with things.”

“I do think it’s important to know May 1, we’re not going to be inclined to give any more extensions,” McKinney said.

The first residential agreement was entered into on July 5, 2017. This agreement stated that demolition of the then-existing dwelling at 1503 First St. was to be completed by Oct. 16, 2017. Completion of the exterior structure including a heating system was to be done by Nov. 1, 2017.